Victoria Crayhon’s Photography Exhibit ‘It Says We’re Not Real’ @ Cade Tompkins


Victoria Crayhon‘s exhibition It Says We’re Not Real, an ongoing body of photographs and video entitled Thoughts on Romance from the Road 2001-2017. The images are a series of text interactions with historic and abandoned movie marquee and motel signs conceived while the artist traversed the roadways and interstates of New England, Michigan and other locales during long commutes and trips. These blank slates punctuated the path, causing her to recede into memory and ultimately display fragments of thoughts that might easily disappear but now exist purely as photographs.  Crayhon’s most recent work in the series further complicates the scenario and enriches the experience. This time she interacts with digital theater signs, transferring her message, filming the playback and photographing it simultaneously.*

When:  It Says We’re Not Real runs until April 8th, 2017

Where: Cade Tompkins Projects | 198 Hope Street | Providence Rhode Island

*via Cade Tompkins press release