Things We Love - 3rd Time Charm

It’s that time again were we like to share our geek with you by showcasing the amazing finds we come across. Without further ado…enjoy our Staff Picks for the month.



Damien Hirst x Converse (PRODUCT)RED Chuck Taylor All StarDamien-Hirst-x-Converse-PRODUCTRED-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-01

Yes, sometimes Damien Hirst is full of himself. And yes, I think that stepping out in his limited-edition Chuck Taylor high-tops will do nothing to deflate that huge ego. Then again…Damien Hirst doesn’t know I exist. And ten percent of the sale of these Converse’s are slated to be donated to the The Global Fund to Fight Aids.


OriginalFake x Medicom Toy Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket


It’s the first time I’ve wanted Disney memorabilia since I was…well, nevermind the age. At least the signature Kaws’ skull head and crosses won’t make you feel like you just skipped out of the Magic Kingdom.


MP3 Walkman


Pretend like you remember what it was like to own a walkman. Though I know the mock stop, forward, pause, rewind-function will have some of  you remembering having to flip the tape over. Only your old skool walkman didn’t have a SD memory card.

All this talk makes me think of…17057784


Space Invaders Ice Cube Tray


The geek in me wants to invite folk over just to be able to offer them a drink. I mean, come on…they are Space Invaders. ‘nough said.


The Pop-Up Book of Phobias


Nothing like having what scares you the most, pop up in your face. Warning: Macabre pop-ups could induce pants wetting if you’re still making regular psychologist visits.


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