Lost Object Install Found in Miami

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While in Miami for the art fairs we ran into Hyland Mather (aka X-O), who left one of his unique lost objects installations in my hometown of Philly this past summer.

The cool part about meeting up with your artists friends during Basel Week (besides the obvious catching up) is getting a chance to see their work in a different environment. During this time of the year – when art is running rampant throughout Miami, the architecture firm of Shulman and Associate’s, gives the outside walls of their Design District office space over to an artist for interpretation.

Hyland was this year’s Artist-in-Residence, so to speak. He rocked this amazing lost objects install (one of my favorites to-date). Everything you see here is made of found, recycled objects, which he gathers while roaming the streets and then transforms them into these striking, geometric assemblages.

Can’t wait see more of these popping up in Philly (that’s my ‘not subtle’ hint Hyland).

You can check out more of Hyland’s work here. Instant gratification can always be had on his Instagram.

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*These awesome Lost Object Install Found in Miami pics are courtesy of the artist.


X-O just left Philly, but left behind one of his Lost Objects pieces. His artwork is made of found, recycled objects, which he gathers while roaming streets and then transforms them into these striking, geometric assemblages.





This past week, HAHA MAG & Paradigm Gallery + Studio had the pleasure of hosting two great artists X-O aka. @ihyland and Amanda Marie aka. @seeyouthroughit who’ve been touring around leaving behind beautiful art installations at every tour leg for a two great causes. We’ve had a blast seeing it all come together and are so happy that they included us as part of their Philadelphia journey.

This is a really beautiful way to raise awareness for their Indiegogo campaign – more information at BeautifulTimes.net and follow full coverage of their travels at bkstreetart.




This week Amanda Marie dropped this dreamy CampScape in one of Philly’s Community Garden.

Artists, Amanda Marie and X-O (@seeyouthroughit & @ihyland) are road tripping around the US leaving a trail of cool art in public spaces in support and to bring awareness to their “Beautiful Times” tour. Beautiful Times is a collaborative project between the two artists – its goal is to raise awareness about the world we live in, the protection our of children and wild flowers. The tour will support two organizations – Lady Bird Johnson & The Morgan Adams Foundation – whose efforts go into both concerns.

To learn more about “Beautiful Times” go to www.beautifultimes.net.com.

To follow the rest of their tour go to www.bkstreetart.com for exclusive pics. You can help support their work by going to their Beautiful Times Indiegogo page. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/beautiful-times#home