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Lorenzo Buffa, founder of the Analog Watch Co. has designed what we’re now referring to as a hipster trapping… how could it not be?  It’s got all the markings of things we self-confessed hipsters love about a design and its designer.

His Carpenter Collection features four timepieces each with a strikingly different combination of woods: Makore & Red Sanders, Silverheart & Maple, Teak and Bamboo and Leather & Blackwood. These androgynous timepieces are sleek and light in their seemingly impossible combination of wood & leather. Their flexible soft leather straps are covered in the wood veneers making for a clean seamless look – lets not forget to mention the watches are 90% biodegradable. No small feat, that is unless you hold a degree in Industrial Design from the University of The Arts in Philadelphia – which Buffa does.

But in all seriousness…we love it for its pull on a natural aesthetic. There’s no in your face branding, no clunky numbers on the face. It’s the kind of watch that garners attention for it’s simplicity & sustainability – that makes it our must have accessory.


*Analog is running a Kickstarter campaign right now to help them manufacture the Carpenter Collection.  Last time I checked they’d reached their goal. But supporters still have a great opportunity to get one of first watches off the production line at a much cheaper cost than they’ll be retailing for later on. Plus, according to Buffa, the extra donations will go towards a higher quality package and the ability to start development on a new line.

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