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CHELSEA, NEW YORK – I get excited when I step into shows like this, where the work is clean and color wheel fantastic, which pretty much describes Ricci Albenda’s work.  Supercallefragelistic-expialledocious opened last Thursday at the Andrew Krep Gallery, marking the completion of his Universal Color series – a system based on the exploration of color Albenda developed over the past two decades.

Albenda filled the white walls of the Andrew Kreps Gallery with musical lyrics, pop culture references, scientific classifications and one off words that read as statements.  A place where “The imagined, real, and appropriated exist side by side; pointing towards the system’s future that is accessible by all.” — Albenda

The words effectively are the images and you find yourself standing there repeating them in you head, saying them out loud to — the pronunciation becoming a more primal experience.  The tri piece ‘Chrysanthemum’ plays so well off your tongue — “Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum”.  Going down the line, the colors in the pieces merge along with the letters-playing with and tantalizing; tiny conversations with a pretty little vernacular that plays to the senses.

Ricci Albenda’s Supercallefragelistic-expialledocious is up now at Andrew Kreps Gallery thru June 20, 2015.

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