Insect Alchemy: Tyler Thrasher


Insect Alchemy: Tyler Thrasher_Crystallized Cicada

I stumbled onto a website full of fragile creatures dusted with crystals the color of jeweled dewdrops. These bespoke creatures are the creation of Tyler Thrasher, a Tulsa, Oklahoma native with a penchant for combining nature and science – with enchanting results.

“For as long as I can recall, my work has revolved around these things, because I revolve around these things. I am driven by these elements, and in turn they are driving me. Most of my time is spent exploring, reacting to, and prodding nature.”

Insect Alchemy: Tyler Thrasher_cicacda crystallized

Insect Alchemy: Tyler Thrasher

Though not a taxidermist himself, Tyler crafts’ unique pieces of arts from the specimens’, they are treated with various compounds to yield crystal growth – each reacting differently to the solution.

The curiosity and love of nature is clear in the gentle reworking of beauty, shifting these complex bodies into a collection of things that seem imagined from the pages of an otherworldly tale. They lay on the border of the enchantingly macabre if you consider a dead thing capable of birthing a new existence through bewitchment.

Insect Alchemy: Tyler Thrasher

Insect Alchemy: Tyler Thrasher _beetle

Insect Alchemy: Tyler Thrasher _skull

Insect Alchemy: Tyler Thrasher _ crystallized bat

Insect Alchemy: Tyler Thrasher_ Moth

Insect Alchemy: Tyler Thrasher

Insect Alchemy: Tyler Thrasher _ butterflies perserved

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Photo by Tyler Thrasher


‘Performance Art’ has become this all encompassing term for what fits the fancy these days.

For French artist Abraham Poincheval that meant spending two weeks living inside a hollowed-out sculpture that he covered with the skin of a bear. Yeah, that’s right, I’m not saying that he lived in the carcass of a bear for nearly two weeks – cause that just sounds bad ass and crazy doesn’t it? When in fact – it was a hollowed out sculpture of a bear that he reclined in with limited supplies of food and water. His unusual living arrangement even came equipped with a makeshift unit for umm…relieving oneself.  Doesn’t sound so bad ass now, does it? Although it’s probably started to sound a tad crazy.

Poincheval’s performance took place from April 1 – April 13th inside the Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris.  The symbolic hibernation started with Poincheval’s quest for understanding his animal nature and physical limits. The performance was broadcast 24 hours a day through a live web feed.  I’m going to speculate and say nothing spectacular happened.

Ah, to each his own.








 pics via & Poincheval’s Facebook