'Chowpatty' by Shweta Malhotra

‘Chowpatty’ by Shweta Malhotra

Pranita Kocharekar's 'You & I'

Pranita Kocharekar’s ‘You & I’

Now in Mumbai, you can hail a colorful story for that ride across town. Taxis in Mumbai are being decked out in wildly colorful fabrics courtesy of the company Taxi Fabric.

India has some 55,000 taxis smashing around the city on the daily, with all the competition for fares, taxi drivers pimp out their vehicles to attract customers.  Fabrics for taxi seat coverings haven’t changed much over the years; the same fabrics geared towards function and less about design are being used over and over.

Tasneem Amiruddin's 'Jungle Book'

Tasneem Amiruddin’s ‘Jungle Book’

'Monad' by Samya Arif

‘Monad’ by Samya Arif

Sanket Avlani, founder of Taxi Fabric saw an opportunity to bring something new into the mix.  They highlight not only the art of design but the impact that design can have in an environment.  This platform provided the makers a gateway dialogue about the importance of fiber arts as a mainstay.  And opens a realm of accessibility to design students eager to showcase their work and celebrate their city by telling its stories with this exciting art form.

“We want to help Indian designers have their work not only be seen but also allow them to connect with members of the public who up until now perhaps haven’t understood that design can tell stories and create emotions.”

‘A century of Revolt’_ by Kunal Gaur

‘A century of Revolt’_ by Kunal Gaur

Right now it’s a limited number of taxis sporting the new looks, so finding one will be like searching for a diamond in the rough – but one with a lot more meaning and hopefully smiles from both the passengers and the drivers who move these stories about a city full of talent.

Lokesh Karekar's 'From a Taxi Window'

Lokesh Karekar’s ‘From a Taxi Window’

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, 30 designers will have their work be printed, stitched and fitted onto Mumbai taxi seats. That will turn into  20-25 Taxi Fabrics by the end of the year.

'Urban Garden' by Pavithra Dikshit

‘Urban Garden’ by Pavithra Dikshit

Gaurav Ogale's 'Cutting'

Gaurav Ogale’s ‘Cutting’


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