Banksy’s Latest Protest Pops up in Gaza, Palestine


About an hour ago, Banksy posted a video of his time in Gaza on his Instagram account. ‘Make this the year YOU discover a new destination’ is set up like a travel channel ad, laced with a hip – makes you want to be there right now – soundtrack. Every vacation sale, well-written one-liner that pops on screen is quickly doused with real ‘wake up’ stats on Gaza living.

This comes after this single shot on Instagram earlier today of Banksy’s latest protest.

#Banksy #Gaza

A photo posted by Banksy (@banksy) on

The piece entitled “Bomb Damage” is located in Gaza, Palestine. Inspired by a sculpture of Niobe, a Greek mythological figure, a symbol of mourning, a bereaved mother, weeping for the loss of her children. It is said that after Apollo slaughtered her seven sons and Artemis killed her seven daughters, Niobe was so stricken with grief that she fled to Mount Sipylus where she turned to stone.



Three other new pieces were also revealed to be peppered around Gaza.






Along with quotes that were enclosed with the images of the stenciled pieces:

Gaza is often described as ‘the world’s largest open air prison’ because no-one is allowed to enter or leave. But that seems a bit unfair to prisons – they don’t have their electricity and drinking water cut off randomly almost everyday.  — Banksy

A local man came up and said ‘Please – what does this mean?’ I explained I wanted to highlight the destruction in Gaza by posting photos on my website – but on the internet people only look at pictures of kittens. — Banksy

via StreetArtNews

pics courtesy of StreetArtNews / video and Instagram pulled from Bansky site.

The Tropics moved into Queen Village



I wish it could create a heat wave – although, perhaps a quick glance at the new mural in Weccacoe Park might give you the vapors and fool you into thinking it just got a little warmer.

The temperature illusion I’m referring to is a newly commissioned work by Philly artist, Calo located near Weccacoe Playground in Queen Village.

We can’t get enough of his work; each piece is a thoughtful reach back into places he remembers fondly, his memory playing out the seasons with exacting color.  Seriously, his aerosol shopping list for this past summer’s hahaxparadigm project had color descriptions: 1 light orange (like a desert), 1 yellow (don’t think sunrise, think sunset).

I texted Calo as soon as I saw the pictures for this mural hit Instagram.

“Someone just left an island in Queen Village…was that you?”

“So this is my 2nd winter in Philadelphia and I’m getting use to it, little by little.  In the winter, my mind and body ask for the big Monstera deliciosa leaves and vibrant color patterns from the markets in the tropics. I tried to feed the warm feelings with this mural”

Roger that.









More from Images Mumbai’s Month Long Street Art Festival!


We’re coming into the homestretch of St+art India’s month long street art festival in Mumbai – aptly named St+art Mumbai.

Mumbai’s month long street art festival (Nov 7th -30th) has welcomed some of the most talented Indian & International street artists to transform their buzzing city with murals, installations, workshops, and performances. The festival’s goal is to promote street art on Indian landscapes as well as provide a platform for artists to collaborate on a global level. Since Nov 7th, I’ve referenced the hashtag #startmumbai hundreds of times – each time I was surprised and elated to see not only the range of art but the different ways people captured and responded to the work. Whether walking out of their homes to watch or taking a quick snapshot on the way to work; Mumbai was watching…and so were we.

Here’s a roundup of pictures from weeks two and three of the festival.

Various locations in Bandra, Dharavi, Kala Ghoda, Pedder Road and Versova and will also be featured as a part of the Street Art Project by Google.

Keep up with Mumbai’s Street Art Festival with these links – Facebook: / Website: / Hashtag- #startmumbai

Thanks again to St+art Mumbai for keeping us in the loop! Special thanks to all art lovers that allowed us to use their amazing Instagram shots!

Photo credit  – Akshat Nauriyal (unless otherwise noted)


Featured Links!




Artist: ANO / Based out of: Taipei, Taiwan


photo 5

Artist: ANO / Photo Credit @udaykhambadkone


Artist: Anpu / Based: DELHI, INDIA

photo 3

Artist: Anpu / Photo Credit @startindia


Artist: Gomez / Based: ROME, ITALY

photo 4 (1)

Artist: Gomez / Photo Credit: @_niddee_


Artist: Yantr / Based: ASSAM, INDIA


Artist: Tona / Based: HAMBURG, GERMANY


Artist: Tika / Based: ZURICH, SWITZERLAND

photo 1 (1)

Artist: Tika / Photo Credit: @mycrotchetyluv


Artist: Dome / Based: KARLSRUHE, GERMANY

photo 2 (1)

Artist: Dome / Photo Credit: @mmehul19



Artist: Daan Botlek / Based: ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS

photo 2 (2)

Artist: Daan Botlek / Photo Credit: @askate92

photo 1 (2)

Artist: Daan Botlek / Photo Credit: @startindia


Dharavi Workshop


TONA at the Dharavi Workshop

Got Milk? Who’s Behind the Union Jack Milk Carton Wheatpastes?

photo (1)

photo (1)


Yet another addition of ‘Who is This?’

They are so perversely clever, these new wheatpastes showing up  in the UK.

So we’re calling on all street art aficionados…if anyone knows who’s behind these cheeky little Union Jack Milk Carton wheatpastes – clue us in.


*photo via



Filthy Lurker’s Green Tentacled Monster Attacks Jidal Mansion

Lurker's Green Tentacled Monster Attacks in Indi

Lurker's Green Tentacled Monster Attacks in Indi

Lurker’s Green Tentacled Monster Attacks again…

That’s right, the Jidal Mansion (as in, Steel magnate Sajjan Jindal) in Mumbai has been Lurked!  

Street artist, Filthy Lurker has popped up in India with his trademark inflatable green octopus. One look on Instagram (#startmumbai) and you can see folks are having a blast capturing the over sized tentacles spilling out of the windows and off the balcony .

Lurker’s installation is part of the month long street art exhibition hosted by St+art Mumbai – bringing over 20 artists from around the world to Mumbai to share in the celebration… don’t you just love it when art attacks!

St+art India Website

Lurker Website

Project Hashtag #startmumbai

Lurker's Green Tentacled Monster Attacks in Indi

Images from the first week of Mumbai’s Street Art Festival


St. Jude Bakery mural was done by artist & illustrator, Pedro Campiche aka @akacorleone

The goings on in Mumbai right now involve a lot of paint flinging and aerosol spraying.

After its successful first edition in Delhi, the St+art India foundation has brought their popular street art festival to Mumbai.  ‘Over the month of November 2014, Mumbai will see some of the most talented Indian & International street artists transform this already buzzing city with murals, installations, workshops, performances, walks and talks on the street. The festival aims to promote street art on Indian landscapes as well as provide a platform for artists to collaborate on a global level.’  Various locations in Bandra, Dharavi, Kala Ghoda, Pedder Road and Versova and will also be featured as a part of the Street Art Project by Google.

Here are some of the first pictures of the murals completed during week one of the festival.

Keep up with Mumbai’s Street Art Festival with these links – Facebook: / Website: / Hashtag- #startmumbai




Artist: Pedro Campiche / Website / Instagram


Amitabh Kumar mural in progress in Bandra.



Amitabh Kumar ( @amitabhkumar ) working on his mural in Bandra, Mumbai.

Amitabh_2 (1)

Artist: Amitabh Kumar / Website / Instagram





Anpu & Nora in front of their mural.

Artist: Tika / Website / Facebook

Artist: Anpu / Website


Tika & Anpu’s finished mural in Pali Village.



Swiss artist,Tika + Dehli based artist, Anpu collaborate on this piece in Bandra.


Thanks to St+art Mumbai for all the media goodies.

Cool Photo Credit:  Akshat Nauriyal

Chicago Artist Fills Potholes With Amazing Mosaics


I think its apparent that Chicago based artist, Jim Bachor got tired of his city’s pothole problem. These beautiful flower adorned mosaics are more than just a axle saver – it’s some serious street art that I hope catches on in other cities (preferably my own …Philly potholes are murderous and plentiful).

The mosaics were put in this fall; Bachor has a handy list of addresses up on his website – go discover if any of the mosaics survived the crush of the tire.

If you’re in the windy city, Bachor is exhibiting his free standing mosaics at the Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago, November 9 to December 13, 2014.

via Colossal






India’s Street Art Game



Public Art in the sense that we know it, is a fairly new horizon for India; Delhi hosted it’s first street art festival this year, introducing residents to the work of 60 international and local artists. India’s street sensibilities are morphing beyond sign painting and colorful wall tributes to the gods – we’re seeing more mixed media work and social/political street art cropping up.  Sensing India’s throwing it’s colorful hat in the ring, we didn’t want to pull a Van Gogh Boat.

We’re paying attention to India’s street art game, here’s a sampling of what/who we’re loving now…

The Bollywood Art Project, founded by Ranjit Dahiya, is an urban public art project based in Mumbai that pays tribute to the greatest legends of Bollywood with street art in the style and tradition of hand painted Bollywood posters.

Twitter . Facebook


Nadira mural by Bollywood Art Project (B.A.P.) for @startdelhi

India Art4

Bollywood Art Project (B.A.P.)


StartDelhi  – co founders Hanif Kureshi and Arjun Bahl – you want to watch these guys – invited 60 international and local artists to take part in India’s first Street Art Festival in the South Delhi neighborhood of Shahpur Jat.  Curated by Giulia Ambrogi, StartDelhi worked with community outreach programs, art school students, professionals and cultural institutions for a year and a half to make the festival happen.

Head on over to the StartDelhi website to read their blog, containing funny if not head-splitting tales of the trials and tribulations that went into making StartDelhi happen.

Twitter . Website . Instagram


Artez. St.ART Delhi 2014 (photo © Akshat Nauriyal)

India Art7

Artist Kool Tones for @startdelhi


Harsh Raman – our first encounter with street artist and illustrator Harsh Raman’s work was through the murals he painted during the Start Delhi festival. Then we stumbled onto Instagram photos of his amazing mixed media piece celebrating an iconic scene from the classic Bollywood movie, Shree420 – that half umbrella and florescent rain spatter so reminiscent of the romanticism that’s associated with rain in Bollywood films touched us.


India Art2

Mural in Shahpur Jat by artist @harshraman. Nabbed from @shrutimaheshwari12


Harsh working on Metamorphosis for the StartDelhi Fest.


Harash Raman trying to finish his project in the rain…Photo: Karan Talwar


MOVIE ‘SHREE 420’ INSPIRES STREET ART Digging this installation inspired by the Classic Bollywood Film, Shree 420 by artist @hareshraman.


Tihar Jail Project – sprawled across the boundary  wall of the Tihar Jail are lines from poem written by one of Tihar’s female inmates.  The poem, a bittersweet message of being separated from ones love was written in Devanagari script, interspersed at sections with graffiti. With the combined help street artists and sign painters, this registers as India’s longest mural.

India Art6

Hand painted type along Tihar Jail.

India Art5


DAKU – means bandit…and this one commonly get referred to as the Indian Banksy.  The well-known graffiti artist started tagging in Delhi around 2009 – since then Daku has continued to make a name for himself through his socio-political wheat pastes and the complexities of his ever morphing tag.


mat do

Daku’s controversial Election Day wheat paste-ups


The script literally reads ‘fuck’.


His street paste up mocking the Louis Vuitton logo at the corner of the urban village of Khirkee Extension.


Daku’s sign takeover from his series Stop (Okhla, New Delhi)


Anonymous – For now.  I’m open to anyone cluing us in to who the artists of these last two pieces are. We nabbed them off of Instagram, sadly not even the posters knew who did these amazing pieces.


BOOM! Love this. Still trying to figure out who did this. But I’m guessing you’d better not mess with the modern Indian woman. Regram from @bombaynotmumbai

India Art

Bazaar Road, Bandra. Nabbed from @payfonejones


*Daku photos thanks to St+Art Delhi 

Additional Resources

Graffiti In India

Brooklyn Street Art



This week I discovered the work of Spanish graffiti duo Pichi & Avo. Their juxtaposition of the ancient with the modern have me geeking out. This past July, during the North West Walls Street Art Festival in Werchter, Belgium the pair created a canvas out of stacked shipping containers. The result was a towering layer of Greek Gods sprayed in radiant colors, layered with orchestrated bursts of graffiti…take that Olympus.






via Colossal



So eerie…wheelchairs drifting off into nowhere, painted shadows creeping from underneath doors.

In 2013 street artist, Herbert Baglione‘s shadowed souls rose from the aura of patients long gone from this abandoned psychiatric hospital, in Parma Italy. It’s all part of his ongoing ‘1000 Shadow’ series.  The series explores the residuals left in abandoned spaces; Baglione explains why he chooses these environments “ The path that the soul takes.  It is as if the soul is leaving an invisible trail on these places.”

The souls have drifted and appeared in other hauntingly inspired spaces – here’s a small sampling of new shadows…

via [Lost in E Minor, Juxtapoz]









1000shadows celles-017