SPOTLIGHT: Gordon Parks


American Photographer Gordon Parks has been called “the most important black photographer in the history of photojournalism” – the man who taught himself how to take pictures at the age of twenty-five with a Voigtländer Brillant that he purchased at a pawn shop. In 1948, after a stint with the Farm Security Administration (F.S.A.) covering the nation’s social conditions, he […]

SPOTLIGHT: Kehinde Wiley


In honor of Black History Month we’ll spend the next few week highlighting notable African-Americans in the art world. First up is painter, Kehinde Wiley.

Spotlight: Kerry James Marshall

Continuing on in our Black History Month series, Kerry James Marshall is an American Painter whose images portray of the African-American urban experience are layered narratives of social order and disorder, of memories and myths.

Spotlight: Thelma Golden

Thelma Golden

This week in honor of Black History Month we’ll be spotlighting notable African-Americans in the art world. First up is Museum Curator, Thelma Golden. Currently the chief curator of the Studio Museum in Harlem; Golden has spent her career curating shows that highlight previously under-represented artists including women and people of color.


Don’t go to a museum with a destination. Museums are wormholes to other worlds. There are ecstasy machines. Follow your eyes to wherever they lead you, stop, get very quiet, and the world should begin to change for you. And if you see me, say something! We can talk about it together. — Jerry Saltz


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