Performance Artist Nick Cave joins Grand Central’s 100th year Celebration



Performance Artist Nick Cave is bringing his mesmerizing sound-suits to Grand Central as part of their 100th year celebration. The performance piece (HEARD-NY) will feature thirty of his colorful horse suit creations wandering and dancing in the train station at set times. If you’ve never seen Cave’s sound-suits, as he calls them, then you’re in for a treat. These handcrafted suits made from found objects obscure the performer, creating an anonymity for the performer and viewer, leaving only on the sights and sounds of wonder.


You can make you experience interactive right now with Creative Time & MTA for the Arts. Floating out there in the Metro Machines are Limited Edition Nick Cave performance Metrocards. If you score one, post a picture of you with yours and tag it #IHEARDNY.

Performance Artist Nick Cave joins Grand Central's 100th year Celebration

To Learn more about the performance go here to Creative Time’s Project page.
photos via Creative Time