Shawn Huckins’s ‘American Revolution Revolution’

Because He Has Swag And Knows How To Wear His Pants:

Because He Has Swag And Knows How To Wear His Pants:

The Transient State of Mr. Henry Rice

The Transient State of Mr. Henry Rice

BF's Comment: Laughing My Ass Off

BF’s Comment: Laughing My Ass Off


We’re big fans of Shawn Huckins work – he has such a wide range of focus. We featured his paint chip paintings just a few months ago, now we’re taking these modern romps through the old world with his continuing work on ‘The American Revolution Revolution’. His paintings feel so naughty and rebellious, they are blended so perfectly with the vibe of old vs. new it’s as if he ran through the Early Decades wing of a museum tagging paintings. Recently it’s been his series, The American Revolution Revolution that’s garnering lots of attention and shooting up the price tags on his work – we suggest you get one while you still can.

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"Maurice Quentin de La Tour: Wink Face"

“Maurice Quentin de La Tour: Wink Face”




We’ve featured the work of artist Shawn Huckins before on our blog. His painting series’ have a penchant for being quirky outside of the box creations.

These may look like scenes painted onto the paint chips that you pick up at your local home improvement store, but a closer look would reveal full scale paintings. These paint swatch mimics are so exacting in their layout that they give a spark to the ordinary happenings painted into them. The warm hues create a relaxing intimate space for the viewer; allowing a meaningful connection with the colors that we choose to decorate our living spaces with.


It’s freaking ridiculous how detailed these paintings are…look at this last one Foxtrot – it looks like the color window cutout is actually there!