‘Performance Art’ has become this all encompassing term for what fits the fancy these days.

For French artist Abraham Poincheval that meant spending two weeks living inside a hollowed-out sculpture that he covered with the skin of a bear. Yeah, that’s right, I’m not saying that he lived in the carcass of a bear for nearly two weeks – cause that just sounds bad ass and crazy doesn’t it? When in fact – it was a hollowed out sculpture of a bear that he reclined in with limited supplies of food and water. His unusual living arrangement even came equipped with a makeshift unit for umm…relieving oneself.  Doesn’t sound so bad ass now, does it? Although it’s probably started to sound a tad crazy.

Poincheval’s performance took place from April 1 – April 13th inside the Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris.  The symbolic hibernation started with Poincheval’s quest for understanding his animal nature and physical limits. The performance was broadcast 24 hours a day through a live web feed.  I’m going to speculate and say nothing spectacular happened.

Ah, to each his own.








 pics via & Poincheval’s Facebook

Eduardo Kobra Brings Rodin’s The Thinker to São Paulo



Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra’s new mural in Sao Paulo, brings Rodin into Brazil with a mural based on one of the most famous sculptures by the French Artist, ‘The Thinker’.

The mural is located in the east side of the city and carries Kobra’s typical style: an explosion of colors and geometric forms along with an impressive realistic painting.





Previous walls by Kobra:

V Day Kiss / New York

Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer / Sao Paulo

Albert Einstein / LA

Mount Rushmore / LA





“I’m sorry, did a person do that?!

That was pretty much my dumbfounded reaction to seeing Kuksi’s work in-person for the 1st time. As I lay on the floor to shoot pics of the scenes going on underneath this sculpture the realization washes over me that trying to consume the sheer level of detail in these intricate mini mythological universes Kuksi creates in one viewing might cause tiny explosions in your brain.

Kuksi is an architect of worlds imagined, where these modern societies of plastic going on’s take on the turbulent fault of violence and the chaos of society at hand within its structure. And you can see them now at his current solo exhibit happening at the Joshua Liner Gallery /540 W. 28th Street/New York, NY

*Sculpture seen at Joshua Liner Gallery booth / Miami Project Art Fair 2013








*photos taken by author



mcd-tight-sized-private MCDONALD-main-sized-private


Bansky’s newest work is a fiberglass replica of Ronald McDonald having his shoes shined by a real live boy standing in the South Bronx. According to the BANKSNY SITE, the sculpture, Shoe Shine will move outside a different McDonalds everyday at lunchtime for the next week.

According to the Gothamist the sculpture is near 839 Westchester Avenue. – ALSO CHECK THEM OUT FOR UPDATED IN AND BRAND NEW PICS.

Don’t forget to listen to the audio guide for the piece here.

Missed the #1-#15?

pic/Banksyny website




The Woods is a collaboration between Oslo Designers StokkeAustad & Andreas Engesvik. The sculptures consist of seven pieces joined in two separate sections.

These hand blown glass sculptures were inspired by the lights and landscapes of the North. ”A tree changing colors and transparency through the seasons is a fascinating process which was captured in this glass object.” says Engesvik.

via The Art Cake

Photos via Andreas Engesvik

Andreas-Engsavik-1 Andreas-Engsavik-3 Andreas-Engsavik-4


Lorenzo Quinn's Force Of Nature II Sculpture Is Installed In Berkley Square

Artist, Lorenzo Quinn’s is no stranger to attention, his life-sized installations have always been grabbers. His newest works, a series of sculptures entitled, Force of Nature are no exception..these gravity-defying statues seem to be in a state of perpetual motion.

Lorenzo Quinn's Force Of Nature II Sculpture Is Installed In Berkley Square

Lorenzo Quinn's Force Of Nature II Sculpture Is Installed In Berkley Square

At the base of the sculptures are these words from the artist… “We humans think of ourselves as supreme beings, above all others and in absolute control of our destiny and our surroundings. We live with a false sense of security, only to be awakened by Mother Nature’s fury, almost as if she needs to remind us of her presence and our responsibility towards her child (the Earth). After having seen the ravaged coast of Thailand and the hurricane that affected the Southern States, I decided to create a sculpture dedicated to Mother Nature. This would be reminiscent of the early statues made as peace offerings to the gods in the hope of quenching their anger. In essence, people are not very different today from the people who lived thousands of years ago. We still devote ourselves to symbols in order to escape our destiny.”

tumblr_mlekwdt9No1qa6dtuo4_1280 image credit: mymodernmet

KAWS Companion Comes to Philly





It has come to pass…the KAWS Companion has landed at 30th Street Station.

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in collaboration with Amtrak bought the 16 foot-tall Companion sculpture to rest at 30th Station.

Kaws Companion will be there until May 14th, then it’ll be hauled away for some other city to enjoy. Lucky for us, it’s departure won’t signify the end, but the arrival of the KAWS Sculpture Plinth Exhibit at PAFA.


*image credit: Ginger Rudolph

KAWS Installation at 30th Street Station

What an evolution – the street artist known at KAWS is best known to most of us for his creation, The Companion.  For the past few years have felt like a burgeoning KAWS explosion.  Forget that fact that I tend to see his toys everywhere, but then in 2011 ‘The Companion’ created a lot of buzz when it showed up at the Armory Show.

Then in 2012, he scores a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon – I’d love to know how they go about deciding what artists will get to watch his creation cruise down New York Streets.  It’s a coveted spot, not to mention for a street artist, when you don’t expect that type of art gets lots of attention from the Macy’s decision makers.

KAWS parade

Now his sculpture work is part of an exhibition being taken around the world. The Companion will sit in several places throughout 2013.  Including my hometown, Philadelphia come April 11th, 2013.  Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in collaboration with Amtrak is bringing the 16 foot-tall Companion sculpture to rest at 30th Station.

Kaw’s Companion will be there until May 14th, then it’s hauled away for some other city to enjoy.  Lucky for us, it’s departure won’t signify the end, but the arrival of the KAWS Sculpture Plinth exhibit at PAFA.


kaws companion

Clothed in Transparency: Cassandra Straubing


With His Wife Now Gone, His Clothes Never Seemed to Make it Back in the Drawer, cast glass with found objects, 33.5x17x19

So much is made of the clothing we place on our bodies. I maintain my belief that the clothes we choose make a statement about who we are. But lately, the concept has been taken further to encompass not just the style of the fashions we wear, but what they are made of, where, and how. In her sculptural work, glass artist Cassandra Straubing addresses domestic and industrial labor, two of the major producers of clothing through the centuries


With His Wife Now Gone ( detail )

Last Monday, as I was driving home, ironically from a day of shopping for a few clothing basics at Target, TJ Maxx, etc., I listened to this story on NPR regarding the trend of “fast fashion” begun in the 1980s and gaining relentless momentum since. Clothing is being produced, consumed, and disposed of at alarming rates, all the while using up valuable finite resources. And although the impetus behind Straubing’s work, according to her artist statment, is linked more to clothing as a representation of who we are and who we become, I see in it a throwback to the simplicity of the way clothing was once viewed– it’s first purpose was practical, perhaps overalls or an apron for every day, a suit and “Sunday dress” for special occasions.


The Beekeeper’s Wife, cast glass with found objects, 18x32x3


Mrs. Evans, kiln cast glass and found objects, 22.5x30x3.25

But today, we fill closet after closet with “disposable” clothing, literally buying into what the fashion industry, media and manufacturers tell us we need. As Straubing’s glass articles of clothing suggest, we are all becoming naked emperors.


She Waited for Him on Pins and Needles ( detail )

How do we combat against falling prey to trendy fashion? Perhaps if we imagined each new fashion was sculpted of glass, might we be so quick to want it? Says the woman who travels with 5 large plastic bins of clothes, 1 giant suitcase, and several smaller suitcases. But I’m working on it and have two garbage bags full of Goodwill destined clothes to prove it.

To see more of Cassandra Straubing’s work, please visit her page at San Jose State University.

With His Wife Now Gone.. and She Waited for Him.. via the artist’s page at SJSU, The Beekeeper’s Wife and Mrs. Evans via Bullseye Gallery.


Story & pics via Lesley Frenz of Artsy Forager

Story & pics via Lesley Frenz of Artsy Forager

Carved Into Memory: Diem Chau

Storytelling Crayons, installation view, carved crayons and wood base

For most of us, Crayola crayons were our very first artistic tools. Whether it was those thick, fat ones perfect for uncoordinated, chubby little hands to grip or the de-luxe 64 pack with the built-in sharpener, those colorful little sticks were our first glimpse into the world of artistic expression. Seattle based artist Diem Chau takes those original tools, carving them into tiny figures reminding us of how they shaped our own young imaginations. Storytelling Crayons, installation view, carved crayons and wood base That distinctive scent, the waxy texture, peeling the paper down so that more of the brilliant color could sweep across the paper.


Girl and Dog, carved crayon and wood base, 3×3.5×2
Yellow Girl, carved crayon and wood base, 3×3.5×3

My most distinct memory of Crayolas happened on a summer road trip with my grandparents. A long trip in the car, of course, meant bringing along plenty to keep us busy. For me, that meant books, crayons and paper. My crayons ended up strewn all over the back deck of my grandparents’ green Impala and were promptly forgotten about when we stopped for a bit. We came back to a colorful mess! I don’t think my Mimi & Papa were ever able to completely clean the wax out of the upholstery. Oopsie!

Boy and Girl, carved crayon and wood base, 3×3.5×3

What memories do Chau’s crayons bring back for you? Please visit her website to see more of her work. She’ll be showing at the Elvistravaganza during Bumbershoot in Seattle or if you’re on the other coast, you can see her carving crayons LIVE at Saks 5th Ave on Sept. 6th from 6pm-10pm.

All images are via the artist’s website.

Acorn grid square





Article by, Lesley Frenz of Artsy Forager.

Pop Art your Valentine’s Day


It’s almost that time – Valentine’s that is. Chances are you’re still looking for that special something. Here in Philly it could be tickets for the Love Train which takes you for a ride on our elevated train past the 50 love-themed rooftops murals.

Or, you could pop art your Valentine’s Day with some Robert Indiana inspired swag. Here are some of our favorite gifts inspired by the famous sculpture in Philadelphia’s Love Park. After all, art is a beautiful expression of our inward desires.


The Love Hook Urban Outfitters

love hook




Jazz your macbook up with Love laptop stickers – Hu2


Love Paperweight- Amazon

love paperweight

The Robert Indiana Love Converse Collection

Only way you’re getting your hands on these puppies is to run straight to Ebay.


Love Vintage Letters – Use Vintage Goods

Moderngirlblog got all modern and gothic creating this unique design piece with vintage industrial letters. I’m not saying you have to go all out – but come on…this would earn you serious brownie points.


Love Mirror – Pussy Home Boutique

 love mirror

Love Pillow - Gumps

The iconic LOVE graphic by Robert Indiana, translated in this needlepoint pillow made of soft woolen yarns stitched in red, black and ivory.


Love Cookies - Whipped Bake Shop, Philly PA

 Zoe Lukas, an artist and baker living in Philadelphia, PA makes these made to order Love Cookies. You can contact her through her website, or at her terrific Etsy Shop.

love cookies

Last, but not least…

The iconic LOVE Print – MOMA Gift Shop