Artist Eitenne Lavie Replaces Parisian Advertisements with Classical Works of Art

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As if Paris didn’t already remind us every second that they are the cultural epicenter of France – Etienne Lavie might have sealed it as it’s guerrilla art CEO of culture.  In the series OMG, Who Stole My Ads?, Lavie is replacing billboards and other advertisements with classical paintings like Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People and Renoir’s La Lecture. It makes the rush into the subway, the stroll down to the coffeehouse a cultural experience. “It’s created accessibility, proving that art doesn’t have to exist in a gallery or museum to be successful – it can be anywhere and is for everyone.”   It’s hard to imagine a daily commutes without the constant flood of consumerism smacking you in the face on every street, on your mode of transportation, in your buildings…yet if you were confronted with something else, something extraordinarily inspiring like these works of art, how different would that make your day?

Message to Lavie, “Here’s to forcing people to imagine a different consciousness – why don’t you pop on over to the States and share that.


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via MyModernMet