KAWS Installation at 30th Street Station

What an evolution – the street artist known at KAWS is best known to most of us for his creation, The Companion.  For the past few years have felt like a burgeoning KAWS explosion.  Forget that fact that I tend to see his toys everywhere, but then in 2011 ‘The Companion’ created a lot of buzz when it showed up at the Armory Show.

Then in 2012, he scores a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon – I’d love to know how they go about deciding what artists will get to watch his creation cruise down New York Streets.  It’s a coveted spot, not to mention for a street artist, when you don’t expect that type of art gets lots of attention from the Macy’s decision makers.

KAWS parade

Now his sculpture work is part of an exhibition being taken around the world. The Companion will sit in several places throughout 2013.  Including my hometown, Philadelphia come April 11th, 2013.  Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in collaboration with Amtrak is bringing the 16 foot-tall Companion sculpture to rest at 30th Station.

Kaw’s Companion will be there until May 14th, then it’s hauled away for some other city to enjoy.  Lucky for us, it’s departure won’t signify the end, but the arrival of the KAWS Sculpture Plinth exhibit at PAFA.


kaws companion