Andrea Heimer’s Suburban Mythology

Otto_Andrea Heimer

Andrea Heimer takes a delightfully sardonic jab at life in the burbs with her upcoming solo show: Suburban Mythology.

The Mystical Realm of Hannah Yata

Hannah Yata_1

I stumbled onto New York based Artist, Hannah Yata’s work at Asbury Park’s Parlor Gallery , I knew immediately I didn’t want to sum up her work with my words – so here are hers.

Ho Ryon Lee


Ho Ryon Lee: edgy & provocative.


It’s early and while I’m waiting for the coffee to kick in I stumble across these paintings. Now maybe I’m still in a daze or maybe it’s the still life counteracting the caffeine high that’s starting. But these are just wafting all sorts of tranquility over me…the lull of light color palette he uses for […]

Still Life: Mary Jane Ansell

Lesley Frenz of Artsy Forager brings us the still life paintings of UK artist Mary Jane Ansell.

Abject Extraction: Jen Garrido

For many artists, the act of creation isn’t just about projecting an image onto a canvas. Artists like Jen Garrido understand that often, it’s more about pulling a hidden entity out of the mist.

Alien Nation: Fidencio Martinez

Lesley Frenz of ‘The Artsy Forager’ delves into the work of Mexican-born Memphis artist Fidencio Martinez whose paintings tend to deal with feelings of social alienation, assimilation and isolation.

Contemporary Muses: Hope Gangloff

Our new collaborator, Lesley Frenz is introducing us to loads of new artists…starting with Hope Gangloff, whose paintings capture every day moments of ordinary people.

SPOTLIGHT: The Problem We All Live With


We continue our Black History Month series with a look at Norman Rockwell’s The Problem We All Live With…In 1963, Rockwell confronted the issue of prejudice head-on with arguably the single most important image ever done of an African-American in illustration history.

Featured Artist – Marie-Claude Marquis


  Marie-Claude Marquis Talks about Painting her Generation and Stripping Down. Image: Marie-Claude Marquis, I am not hiding Montreal based artist Marie-Claude Marquis is causing a stir with her paintings – gritty interpretations of everyday occurrences that capture the heart of the subcultures evolving around her.  We caught up with her to ask her a […]


When you first see a new picture you are very careful because you may be staring at van Gogh’s ear. — Rene Ricard


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