Cake Sculpture Artists Recreate An Art Masterpiece With Chocolate [Video]

Cake Vermeer Creation

Talk about a more tangible way to ingest art.  With so many artistic interpretations of Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring” floating out there on the web, it’s hard to impress.  But check out what cake sculpture artists Cory Polman and Olivia Bohnhoff created for an art-history-buff client in their LA-based shop Bohnhoff & Kent.

The painting served as inspiration for their signature chocolate sculpture filled with ‘cake’ which they deliciously refer to as a “gourmet stuffed candy bar”.  Watch the video and amaze yourself with the beautiful translucent layers of color they’re able to paint onto the sculpture.  The big reveal will make you wonder if you could bring yourself to eat such a masterpiece.


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photo via Mode Foodie

Lauren Rinaldi: At Arm’s Length

Lauren R

At Arm’s Length is where most of us keep the true estimation of ourselves. Lauren Rinaldi explores all this and takes a good look at body image, sexuality and self-identity using unbiased self-portraits that chronicle her life through the changes in her body and mental state. She explores our seemingly embraced imperfections – using layers to thinly veil what she consciously chooses to hold back – projecting an identity with the allure of control all the while revealing to the viewer the truths we unwittingly hide from ourselves. The show surprises in its’ subtly – shifting focus, from what we hide to what we show. Her series of whimsical sketches find a connection in the new language we’ve patterned off our need to flaunt the personal assessment of our bodies within the realm of our day-to-day digital landscapes.

Lauren R2

Lauren R1

Lauren R3

“How you see yourself and what you choose to show the world are two completely different things,” Rinaldi says. She has indeed found complimenting mediums to observe the nature of women seeking affirmation under the guise of anonymity.

At Arm’s Length is on view now at Paradigm Gallery + Studio until August 9th, 2014.

Find the artist on Instagram:
@laurinaldi @paradigmgs
#LaurenRinaldi #AtArmsLength

Shawn Huckins’s ‘American Revolution Revolution’

Because He Has Swag And Knows How To Wear His Pants:

Because He Has Swag And Knows How To Wear His Pants:

The Transient State of Mr. Henry Rice

The Transient State of Mr. Henry Rice

BF's Comment: Laughing My Ass Off

BF’s Comment: Laughing My Ass Off


We’re big fans of Shawn Huckins work – he has such a wide range of focus. We featured his paint chip paintings just a few months ago, now we’re taking these modern romps through the old world with his continuing work on ‘The American Revolution Revolution’. His paintings feel so naughty and rebellious, they are blended so perfectly with the vibe of old vs. new it’s as if he ran through the Early Decades wing of a museum tagging paintings. Recently it’s been his series, The American Revolution Revolution that’s garnering lots of attention and shooting up the price tags on his work – we suggest you get one while you still can.

Be sure to check out more works by SHAWN HUCKINS .


"Maurice Quentin de La Tour: Wink Face"

“Maurice Quentin de La Tour: Wink Face”

Ho Ryon Lee

I can’t tell you how much I’m digging these overlapping oil paintings. After taking a series of photographs of the model in motion, Lee then replicates that on canvas.

They touch the edge of provocativeness, giving the illusion of motion and that excites me in a way I just can’t put my finger on (oh, that just sounded wrong). That’s just it, they feel a little bit nice and a little bit naughty – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You can check out more of his work here.