ORLY GENGER – Red, Yellow and Blue Nautical Ropes Take Over Madison Square Park

ORLY GENGER Nautical Rope Madison Square Park_red ropes

Madison Square Park Conservatory Square Art is installing Orly Gender’s trademark hand-knotted nautical rope in Madison Square Park in waves of Red, Yellow and Blue – ”1.4 million feet of rope—the total length equating to nearly 20 times the length of Manhattan—covered in over 3,000 gallons of paint, and weighing over an astounding 100,000 pounds”!

Gender is using installation to create an interaction between the public and her art. The rope sections off and creates a new landscape in hopes that you will find and explore/navigate these spaces.

It’ll be there in all it’s glory until September 8th, 2013 until it gets shipped off to Boston, marking the first of Mad. Sq. Art’s commissions to travel.

ORLY GENGER Nautical Rope Madison Square Park_blue ropes

ORLY GENGER Nautical Rope Madison Square Park
image credits: red/mccartney, blue/gabonghi, yellow/james_groeling