Jumping in Art Museums

By Ginger Rudolph

Okay, so I’m really late on the take, having only discovered Jumping in Art Museums a year ago. But the fact that this blog never gets old for me was reason enough to contact the creator, Allison Reimus. The blog is home base for people who like to show off their art excitement. Definitely a much better idea than my collection of museum burnout photos.

Now in its fourth year, over 20 countries have been represented. That’s a pretty decent turnout considering Reimus originally thought the project was something only her friends would keep up with.

HAHA: How did all this start?

Allison:  Well, I grew up in mid Michigan where there weren’t a lot of cultural opportunities.  I moved to Washington D.C. for Grad School where there are all kinds of museums.  I was finally looking at artwork I’d studied in books all through college; to see them in real life was completely overwhelming for me. So some friends and I were goofing around, taking jumping pictures in the museum and they were really funny and I thought “I want to get collection of these”.

The blog got rolling pretty quickly.  Phillipa Hughes, who’s in D.C., is a huge supporter of the arts.  At the time she had a popular blog with a lot of readers, so a friend of mine sent it to her and she put it on her blog.  The Washington Post saw it on Phillipa’s blog and ran a little blurb about it.

HAHA:  It’s so much fun to see how enthusiastic people are about this.

Allison:  Just this morning I got an email from this guy out in California–he wanted me to know that he’s planning his own jumping events.  I get a lot of emails from people that set up their own events… they take it upon themselves to plan everything and they have a great time doing it. They send me the pictures and I put them up for them.

I also get submissions from people who like to jump for anything that excites them – not necessarily art related.

HAHA: What’s been your favorite jump?

Allison: I would have to say MOMA.  Almost a year to the day that I started the blog, I had an art jumping event at MOMA.  Security showed us around the museum and made sure that no one got in our way during the jumps.

HAHA: So what’s next? Are you going to take ‘Jumping in Art Museums’ out of the blogosphere?

Allison: No, I’ve never wanted the focus to be on me.  It started off as my art jumps, I never thought anyone but my friends would see this. But what it’s turned into…now people from all over send me their pictures, so I consider myself more like the coordinator. I’m homebase –I just post the pictures.

Below are some shots Allison sent us of her more interesting art jumping submissions.

Make sure to check out the rest of the fun at http://jumpinginartmuseums.blogspot.com/


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