Pothole Art Project Launches New Series – Treats in the Streets!

Winter left the streets in my city riddled with potholes – wrecking havoc on my car, leaving me feeling like I’m one bump away from leaving an axle in the road. It also reminded me to check in with Jim Bachor, the artist from Chicago who fills potholes with amazing glass & marble mosaics.

Last year we covered the public art project and watched as nine mosaics were installed around Chicago. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Bachor’s 2015 Pothole Art Installation Project launched a new series of pothole art installations called Treats in the Streets. A perfect name for the creamy white tiles bordering brightly colored popsicles seemingly tossed off a Good Humor truck.

Take a sweet look at the first pieces from the series to hit the streets.


Bomp Pop

Bomp Pop

Jim Bachor_Bomb Pop2

Creamsicle (Glass & Marble Mosaic)

Creamsicle (Glass & Marble Mosaic)

Jim Bachor_Twin Pop

Twin Lime Popsicles



PS. Bachor is on his way to Finland to drop six more of pieces during their End of Winter Festival. Follow his Instagram account to see the updates.

Photos taken by Jim Bachor.


Chicago Artist Fills Potholes With Amazing Mosaics

I think its apparent that Chicago based artist, Jim Bachor got tired of his city’s pothole problem. These beautiful flower adorned mosaics are more than just a axle saver – it’s some serious street art that I hope catches on in other cities (preferably my own …Philly potholes are murderous and plentiful).

The mosaics were put in this fall; Bachor has a handy list of addresses up on his website – go discover if any of the mosaics survived the crush of the tire.

If you’re in the windy city, Bachor is exhibiting his free standing mosaics at the Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago, November 9 to December 13, 2014.

via Colossal