Things We Love – Long Overdue Edition

Upperplayground X Dennis McNett

It’s been out since early summer, but I figure I’ve still got a few months till the weather freezes me out of my t-shirts.  So I’m still trying to make the HAITI Wolfbat purchase. Only every time I hit that ‘add to cart’ button – it keeps giving me that 404: Error ‘Sucka you too late screen’.  So I guess I’m on an eBay hunt. But it’s sweet right?



Reminds me of my earlier summer find




I’m completely obsessed with the storytelling creativity of Rumisu scarves. Their limited edition runs are a playground of hand-drawn illustrations transferred to silk scarves, while playful hand crocheted accessories (paying tribute to the traditional Turkish art of ‘oya’) dangle from a scarf corner. The scarves appeal to men and women alike with a flair for having trinkets with ‘must have’ names like: Moby Dick, Troy…War because of an apple, Chicken Pox and Car Theives.  Rumisu is run by two sisters in Istanbul whose Instagram I check on the regular to see who they’re collaborating with next.






Swatch Caramellissima Watch

Swatch Watches are like Lisa Frank for me – two companies that remind me of my childhood – they possesses buying power I have yet to outgrow.  And now I discovered a Swatch that won’t leave rainbow rings on my wrist or give me a communicable disease from sharing.



Swatch Pastry Chefs Collection Caramellissima


Skateboard Chairs

What other reason do I possibly need other than ‘these are some seriously rad chairs’.


Skateboard chairs



Sticky Paper Tape Wrapping Paper

Design: Nina von Wahlberg

I suppose it’s like the laziest thing ever, but having to expertly gift wrap presents I can’t wait to give immediately bores me to tears.  Then I saw this and immediately starting looking for things to gift.  To my dear friends – everything I give you this year will be wrapped with this… Surprise ruined.





Real Rosewood Macbook Wook Keyboard Skin

I’ve been a bit obsessed with wood design lately, so I’d jump at the chance to turn my working pal into a rustic feeling. And yeah, this is real wood (NOT vinyl). It’s made from real Rosewood veneer with a 3M™ pressure sensitive adhesive backing.  Fancy, Fancy…



Rosewood Macbook Skin



emojidick2 The March 2014 edition of Smithsonian Magazine focuses it’s Phenomenon section on language. And to my surprise, they devoted a page to talk about Emoji Dick – a book that translates Melville’s classic into emoticons. I suppose there will always be a constant revamping of things, whether for the benefit of a newer generation, or to stay current with changing times. The shocker isn’t that someone took on the task of translating a book into Japanese emojis but that they boldly used Herman Melville’s Moby Dick as the first go.

Emoji Dick1

Emoji Dick

Emoji Dick creator, Fred Benenson, a micro-engineer from NYC used KickStarter to fund this crowd sourced translation. The project, funded back in 2009, and launched in 2012 used Amazon Mechanical Turk workers to translate each sentence 3 times, vote on the results and chose the most popular version of each sentence for inclusion in the book. Benenson calls Emoji Dick “a conceptual piece” and with an introduction by Art F City‘s Paddy Johnson you can also hashtag it under #emojiart.  For many it will just be fun book to pull out parties, for those that have grown up with a digital language I’m sure it’ll be right at home on the shelf among the dinosaurs we used to call books.

*Library of Congress acquired Emoji Dick in 2013.

Fun Link: 20 Great Books in 2 minutes – emoji style.

* photo courtesy of dailydot