CANDY COLTS: Artist, Darren Lago’s trick of the eye.

Dinner for Two / Rachel Lee Hovnanian

Dinner for Two is the 1st post in our Art Breakdown series where we take a closer look at art and the dialogue it creates.

Amazing Coat Closet Installation “TEMPLO” by Melissa Godoy Nieto


    Melissa Godoy Nieto “TEMPLO” @SpringBreakArtShow 2013, NY

Cristina Troufa

It’s what you don’t get to see and what Portugal-based artist, Cristina Troufa forces you to focus on that makes her work so interesting.

Ashley Oubré – Visual Trickery


Ashley Oubré is a self-taught artist who creates photorealist graphite drawings that confound their viewers while exploring themes that reflect her perspective on social struggles around the world.

Alien Nation: Fidencio Martinez

Lesley Frenz of ‘The Artsy Forager’ delves into the work of Mexican-born Memphis artist Fidencio Martinez whose paintings tend to deal with feelings of social alienation, assimilation and isolation.

In Exploration of Stewart Watson


Stewart Watson is what you may call a “late bloomer.” After she got married and had a son, she finally gave a larger voice to her innate talent as an artist. Her art is 3-dimensional, combining the natural and the industrial. As you will see in the photos, her pieces are wonderfully whimsical, recalling a field of wildflowers or wild stalks of wheat.


Don’t go to a museum with a destination. Museums are wormholes to other worlds. There are ecstasy machines. Follow your eyes to wherever they lead you, stop, get very quiet, and the world should begin to change for you. And if you see me, say something! We can talk about it together. — Jerry Saltz


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