The Candy Lab

Depriving an artist of credit for their work is not what I’m in the habit of doing. Frankly, that is not what I’m trying to do now. But for the love of God, please don’t tell me your little Middle School heart isn’t racing right now. Because you, much like I, momentarily thought that Lisa Frank has reinvented herself as a contemporary artist. Or at the least, that your middle school locker was touched by a magic wand that made the LF world melt off your notebooks, Trapper Keepers and pencils, spilling out onto the floor.

Will the truth hurt you now? Will you be sad to know Lisa Frank is not the artist? Do you need a second before I disclose that the artists go by the name of Pip & Pop? It is still a pretty cute, cough up rainbows name.

Pip & Pop, is a collaboration between Australian artists Tanya Schultz & Nicole Andrijevic.  We did find out that Andrijevic left to follow a different direction while Tanya continues to create elaborate installations and works, sometimes individually and sometimes with other artists and friends.

The intricate patterned floor installations are made with a dreamy combination of colorful candy, glitter, sand, toys, beads, and other bright objects. The only thing left to ask is ‘Where are the Unicorns?’

Enjoy these pictures from their latest exhibit, The Candy Lab.













via MyModernMet