HAHA MAG Presents: Dutch Umbrella Episode 4


This time we’re with 27 year old local artist Frost 215 – the rogue sticker bomber of that trademark character, El Toro.

Are you watching the video already?…then make sure you stick around till the ‘2:27’ minute mark when Lily asks him what we’ve been dying to know since he jumped on screen.

To see more of Frost’s work, head over to:

HAHA MAG Presents: Dutch Umbrella Episode 3

HAHA Magazine asked Philly’s Dutch Umbrella Share Program if they would turn over some of their classic white umbrellas to local artists and have them use the umbrellas as a blank canvas. The results of which have been chronicled through The Dutch Umbrella Episodes.

Episode 3 takes us to Old Kensington, the neighborhood of Artist, Kat Karnaky.

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