Bollywood Meets High Art in Cinephiliac @ Twelve Gates Art


There are two weeks left for you to see the Cinephiliac: Art Transcending Technology & Motion over at Philadelphia based gallery, Twelve Gates Art. The cinema themed exhibition has many layers, uniting multiple perspectives to mark the centennial of Indian cinema. Atif Sheikh has curated a show with work from established and emerging artists that employs film iconography to attack a broader sense of narrative, creating a dialogue that explores social identities through art. The strength of the show lie in the artists individual perspectives like Jamal Elias’ printed scenes from Maula Jatt (1979), the six cells backlit with soft light illuminate a film Elias chose to visually converse on the transitional shift in Pakistan’s social and political history and Chitra Ganesh’s charcoal drawings based on film stills from early Indian films. Her piece, Raja Harishchandra (1913) was recently acquired by the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Other highlights include Leila Lal’s exploration of female identity in the mixed media piece Peep Show 3 where four iconic Bollywood film heroines are framed in gold leafed shadowboxes that find them displaced in culturally opposite religious architectural settings. Also not to be missed, Karachi based artist, Summayya Jillani, whose 2011 Eastern makeover of Marilyn Monroe ( Baar baar dekho, hazaar baar dekho) turned her into an internet sensation. Pop icons are a fluent theme in Jilliani’s work that play on cultural perceptions of western influence.




Cinephiliac will run until December 15th.

*photos courtesy of Twelve Gates Art