A Quirky Edition of The Things We Love

NES Hard Drives

tumblr_lfbzijSHyN1qaj9xhGo gamer old skool with these hard drives enclosed in NES cartridges. Personally, I couldn’t resist going for the ones that robbed me of the most sleep. Price ranges depending on the amount of memory. NES hard drives are by Etsy user 8BitMemory.


Fortune Cookie Coin Purse

fortune cookie purseLike real fortune cookies, these purses come with a printed fortune inside.  Cool feature – each purse has a unique laser etched ID number that you can track back to the origin of the recycled leather it’s made from.


Lens Bracelets

lens braceletsAnyone obsessed with their camera will find it hard not to like the kitsch of these silicone bracelets. Go to the site and pick your favorite lens…the top selling one just happens to be the 50mm AF C . www.store.adamelmakias.com

Doodle Watch

Doodle WatchSo it’s not a artist series Swatch watch, but with these DIY project, you can make it your very own.  Made with tear-resistant material on which you can draw, paint, or decorate. www.fredflare.com

Graffiti Puzzle

graffiti-puzzles“It’s a well known fact that Men like to figure things out. Home improvement projects (as long as we’re not “told” to) and technical configurations are like puzzles with tangible rewards. So, obviously, we like actual puzzles too. Problem is, putting the pieces back together when it comes to cute kittens and Niagara Falls is in no way interesting, or challenging. That’s all about to change. Taking locations from New York, LA and London that have been tagged (graffiti, not Facebook), these puzzles are man approved. Bonus points because it comes in a spray paint can.”


Tetris Sugar

Tetris-Sugar_1Tetris-SugarArtist Danil Zdorov designed these Tetris shaped sugar cubes poised to be as addictive as the game. Sadly they still seem to be in the phase.

 Leaf-It sticky notes

Leaf it sticky notesIt’s not that I have a problem with my rainbow of post it notes sticking out of my books, but I have to admit using these would be much more fun way of staying organized. These sticky notes are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are available in green, brown, and ginko-shaped.


Moon lamps

Moon-lamps-by-inesartdesignThe orb shaped light fixtures are a creative artistic touch- place them in darker corners of the room for a soft glow.  Moon lamps are a cool way to lasso the moon and bring it closer to you.


Sewing Kit Wall Stickers

Sewing-Kit-WallStickerThis is just one of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile. You can arrange the sewing seams  borders  and corners to create humorous, artful designs nearly anywhere you can imagine. Available in Black. Includes 4 pairs of scissors and 33-feet of dotted cutting lines.


Tapi Tap Squeeze Drink Fountain

Tapi-Turn-Your-Faucet-Into-A-Water-FountainThis simple device that turns almost any household faucet into a water fountain with just a squeeze. It can also turn you into a child again – I swear.