Jonathan Levine Curates Show at Parlor Gallery

Jeremy Burk, Savage II


Normally, I would not consider an hour and a half drive to see a art show. Nor can remember the last time I liked – no loved – over 70 percent of the works in a show. But then most galleries don’t have curated shows by Jonathan Levine (yes, excluding his own). And the artist line-up doesn’t normally read like this:

JURIED 2013 exhibiting artists:

Tina Lugo, Tracy Deer, Percy Fortini-Wright, Jeremy Burks, Zoe Williams, Kyle Fisher, Lazarus Nazario, Sean Mahan, Hannah Yata, Jake Waldron, Darlene Foster, Andrea Heimer, Kyle Stewart, Susan Tumblety, Angel Perdomo, Bask, Andre Veloux, Owens, Dilek Baykara, Andy Dreamingwolf, & Alicia Martin.

This past Saturday was the opening night bash of the Juried 2013 show at Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, NJ. Levine picked artists whose works felt fresh, who at first glance most are pleasing to the eye mostly because they’re exquisitely detailed and seem like easy reads.  Till you realized they forced you to delve deeper, to realize a very layered sense of symbolism. Particularly with artists like, Jeremy Burks, Hannah Yata, Andrea Heimer & Kyle Fischer* (Best in Show) whose paintings were so bold and yet so innocently played their symbolism’s upon themes of perceptions, mythology and transformations of human nature. The show was most definitely not a waste of time, it was I dare say…exciting.

*Best in Show Artist, Kyle Fischer will be showing next with Paradigm Gallery + Studio. Show opens on February 28th, 2014.

Hannah Yata, "Throwing up the Children", oil on canvas

Hannah Yata, “Throwing up the Children”, oil on canvas

Andrea Heimer, "Josie McAllister had Sleepovers...", acrylic & pencil on panel

Andrea Heimer, “Josie McAllister had Sleepovers…”, acrylic & pencil on panel

Kyle Fisher, "Bloom", acrylic & graphite on birch

Kyle Fisher, “Bloom”, acrylic & graphite on birch

5 Street Art Instagrammers You Should Follow

photo 1

  • Martha Cooper / Handle: Marthacoopergram – Legendary Graffiti Photographer, Martha Cooper is basically ‘have lens will travel’. Most recently she was in Puerto Rico capturing street artists: Vhils, Luis Perez, Monica Parada, NEPO, and Colectivo Fibra in action. You wanna stay in the know – follow Martha – her pictures come from the core of the inner circle. I mean, you did see the surprise mural put up for this graffiti darlings birthday at the Wall (Houston & Bowery) didn’t you?

photo 1

  • JR / Handle: JR – No one bounces around the globe quite like JR & his crew. This TED Talks street artist brings the faces of urban communities into the forefront with his large scale wheatpastes. It’s all so job fantasy camp, whether you’re viewing pics of their global meet-ups (parties) or looking at a aerial view of his work lacing the favelas of Brazil. Not to miss: snapshots of prideful smiles when JR revisits his muses.

photo 2

  • Os Gemeos / Handle: osgemeos – The Brazilian twins document their process extensively on their account. You’ll get to drop in on their murals in progress, see their sketches forming…though my favorite moments come when other street artists drop by their gallery shows to wish them luck and then show up in their feed.

photo 3

  • Jonathan LeVine Gallery / Handle: JonathanLevineGallery – The Gallery’s Instagram puts you in the thick of their shows: you can catch the artist preparing the gallery, see the install, pieces from the show, and drool over the after-party. The account should come with a tagline “We’ll make you wish you were here.”

photo 4

  • Seth GlobePainter / Handle: seth_globepainter – French Street Artist, Seth Globepainter is everywhere. You’ll globe trot with him via the colorful large scale murals he leaves behind. His Modus Operandi is achieving a culture vibe by taking a photo of a local in front of the mural once it’s completed. Gotta admit, It’s a pretty significant way to humanize a projects.