Insomnia: Aitch’s Beautiful Us

You know how this works. I wait till I have my typical bout of insomnia, lay in bed and troll through the internet looking for something special I can share with the rest of you sheep chasers. This early morn, I’m catching up with illustrator, Aitch.

Aitch originally hails from Romania; her colorful matte folky illustrations depict the dreamy-ist dreams with a hint of sweet morbidity hiding amongst William Morris-esque gardens and bring to mind a bright and bold reincarnation of Victorian melancholy while still retaining a strong sense of her Romanian heritage.

Insomnia: Aitch's Beautiful Us

Insomnia: Aitch's Beautiful Us

Insomnia: Aitch's Beautiful Us

Insomnia: Aitch's Beautiful Us_skull

Insomnia: Aitch's Beautiful Us_chest and abdomen

Insomnia: Aitch's Beautiful Us_Heart

Insomnia: Aitch's Beautiful Us_blood

Insomnia: Aitch's Beautiful Us_womb

Insomnia: Aitch's Beautiful Us_hand and foot



Insomnia: Laura Adel Johnson

Perth-based multi-media artist Laura Adel Johnson is now a yoga teacherAfter stumbling on to her account and realizing who it was, I couldn’t help reaching back in time to her large-scale fairy light installations.  It was unconventional choice to explore her ideas on human connectivity and emotions.  The whimsy of the everyday was visual icebreaker to preface her experiments engaging with her emotive displays.  They were inspired by what she called “gaudy” Christmas lights and decorations she’d seen around town during her 2007 residency in Omaha, Nebraska.

I wish she were still exploring and creating art, but one things for sure… you can never unsee something wonderful.


Laura adel johnson light installation

Laura adel johnson light installation

Laura adel johnson light installation

Laura adel johnson light installation



Insomnia: Drew Mcleod — Flux

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3D artist David McLeod plays with motion — trippy art experiments that explore flocking behavior. Mesmerizing is how I’ll describe the state of these objects in flux crashing over his website. Slow movements that crash into and pull away from each other in a seductive play that gives me further proof of my attraction to art.

That is all. Press play on the Instagram posts…I want you to fall into this rabbit hole with me.

David McLeod
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Insomnia: Great Art in Ugly Rooms

The following images have been culled from the nightmares of gallery owners and artists.  Or at least that’s what I wanted this hilarious Tumblr to secretly be about.  All this museum grade art cast in a sarcastic drama of really ugly rooms is from a fun blog, Great Art in Ugly Rooms.


Cindy Sherman

We keep saying art is subjective and this Tumblr takes that concept to the extreme, editing images of masterpieces into rooms that are decorated in poor taste or simply disastrous locales.  The flip side of this is pretty funny as well, too often I find myself in elaborately decorated rooms surrounded by ugly ridiculous art. You’ll find hilariously smart examples of this scrolling through the blog created by Paul Kremer.

The Rothko perfectly matched with a girly room of cotton candy painted tones, a Modigliani sitting above a white toilet in a graffiti laced bathroom, Whistlers mother in a dentist office waiting room.  My personal favorite – Damien Hirst sitting in a nursery like a baby shower gift from a over-enthused taxidermist.

*Easter Eggs: A few of these contain art within art and one painting is at an actual location – notice it yet?

I have to admit, I wish those Nan Goldin’s were exhibited with this kind of gritty intention in art institutions – it kinda all fits together doesn’t it?

Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade


Mark Rothko

HM_mona lisa_lourve

Leonardo Da Vinci

HM_Rockwell_conference room

Norman Rockwell

HM_Whistler_dentist office

James McNeill Whistler

Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger


Martin Creed

Nan Goldin

Nan Goldin