Hilary White’s ‘The Endless One’


It’s been awhile since Hilary White had a proper exhibition and now she’s back stronger than ever with a new solo show ‘The Endless One’.

Phrequency artist stickers: Hilary White

This week, Phrequency speaks to Hilary White, one of their collabortaive sticker artists. Hilary’s work ranged from digital graphics, paint and canvas, to all out stunning sculptures. Phrequency is releasing these special limited edition artist stickers at their Phrequency Turns Two party this Thursday, December 9th.

Phrequency Artist Stickers: JP Flexner

Woo Hoo…Phrequency is celebrating year 2 of pumping Philadelphia full of art, music and culture. For this special occasion, they’ve collaborated with four talented Philadelphia artists for a limited edition sticker release.


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