Photo Essay – The COCA COLA DREAM

by Giulia Piccari

The idea of the “Coca Cola Commercial” came to me in a dream long time ago, right when i was looking for an inspiration. I literally dreamt a of bottle of Coca Cola inside a fridge and the day after, in studio, i decided to make a photo essay that could express my personal idea about the American drink.

Made with an old optical bench and wanted to have 6 different subjects to describe the illusion of this beverage. This work is about the ideas I had about America before I decided to come and live here…

Giulia Piccari is an Italian photographer based in NYC since march 2007. After studing in London and in Rome, she won a photography contest where the chairman was the italian famous movie director Giuseppe Tornatore. After that she decided to move to Florida where she took the idea of “ON_MY_WAY” that is now become a photography exhibition in NYC. She currently works for runway shows, backstages, concerts and movie sets which is her strongest passion and her american dream… To see more on Giulia’s work, click on