VAN x Nintendo


I was never a big Vans fan but things change and that might have something to do with their recent Nintendo collaboration.  These new sneakers feature iconic 8-bit characters like Mario™, Donkey Kong™, and Link™.

I’m all about this celebration and apparently so is everyone else.  As soon as I hit the Vans website I was greeted by that familiar Super Mario Brothers start screen.  That all consuming screen that tore through time and laid waste to entire weekends.  When I finally stopped reminiscing, I noticed the prompt to enter my email address to be informed when the line drops in June.  Something tells me these editions might cost as much as the game systems.

Images that have been released so far: Link and Princess Zelda; Goombas, Super Mushrooms, Fireflowers, and Starman from Super Mario Bros.; Princess Peach/Princess Toadstool; Donkey Kong; the Laughing Dog from Duck Hunt; blocks from Tetris; the original Nintendo controller.


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