#TBT LEGO Imagine Ads Recreated Iconic Artworks

Throwback to this 2014 Lego Campaign produced by Geometry Global that had all the makings of what Lego has stood for over the years: imagination and creativity.

The man behind this clever project was Italian designer Marco Sodano, who became Internet-famous for his pixelated series of famous paintings recreated with LEGOs to convey the belief that “every child with LEGO can become a great artist like Da Vinci and Vermeer.”

What started as a side project for Sodano turned into a full blown official Lego Campaign. How cool is that?






Advertising Agency: Geometry Global, Hong Kong
Creative Director: Kenny Blumenschein
Art Director: Marco Sodano

Here are two more pieces Sodano created after the campaign ran with the previous 4 images.


Leonardo da Vinci – Cecillia Gallerani


Vermeer – Girl with a pearl earring

via The Inspiration / Adweek

Cake Sculpture Artists Recreate An Art Masterpiece With Chocolate [Video]

Cake Vermeer Creation

Talk about a more tangible way to ingest art.  With so many artistic interpretations of Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring” floating out there on the web, it’s hard to impress.  But check out what cake sculpture artists Cory Polman and Olivia Bohnhoff created for an art-history-buff client in their LA-based shop Bohnhoff & Kent.

The painting served as inspiration for their signature chocolate sculpture filled with ‘cake’ which they deliciously refer to as a “gourmet stuffed candy bar”.  Watch the video and amaze yourself with the beautiful translucent layers of color they’re able to paint onto the sculpture.  The big reveal will make you wonder if you could bring yourself to eat such a masterpiece.


via That’s Nerdalicious

photo via Mode Foodie