Dutch Umbrella Project Charity Auction & Showcase

Dutch Umbrella Project Auction Postcard

By now I’m sure you’ve all seen The Dutch Umbrella Episodes…

So you know that ‘The Dutch Umbrella Share Program’ gave us some of their signature white umbrellas; and we passed them on to some rad local artists to reimagine. Now that the umbrellas are finally finished, we’re gonna celebrate the completion of the project with an insane HAHA MAG Auction – complete with mustache styled paddles (it is No Shave November after all).

We hope everyone has enjoyed following the project and will come out and celebrate with us & the artists. Proceeds from the auction will go towards supporting the artists themselves and various local arts charities.

DJ PHSH starts spinning the tunes & the beer starts flowing at 7pm.
The Auction starts at 8pm Sharp!

*All 12 Umbrellas will be on display at Paradigm Gallery starting 11/8
if you want to check out the goods before the bidding starts.