Michel Gondry’s Surrealist Movie, Mood Indigo


Michel Gondry might as well be the sandman ( in a non-creepy horror film way); his videos are like mini breaks from reality with scenes stolen from hyperactive dreams.

He does have that X factor, by that I mean, he’s French – and he makes typical French Fare.  Let’s face it, Parisian movies are usually nothing more than glorious art porn.

So you won’t be shocked when I say, I’m drooling over the trailer for his new film, Mood Indigo, cause who doesn’t want to float away on a cloud with an adorable French guy or live in a quaint subway car suspended over Paris.

You can check out the trailer for L’écume des jours  here – cause let’s face it, no hipster would be caught dead mentioning it by anything other than the French title.