This funny short film “Un petit plat pour l’homme”, about cooking in space came to us via email. This is France-based film student, Corentin Charron aka Onectin’s third year’s short-film, from Supinfocom Arles. Actually, the film maker’s father sent this in to us – talk about a proud parent.

We’re currently waiting patiently – as are Corentin’s parents – for him to return home on school break so they can interview him for us.

HAHA TV: Le Corbusier’s Cite Radieuse

Join our HAHA MAG TV Host, Rachel Corrine as she takes us through a tour of Cite Radieuse. Designed by a true pioneer in modern architecture, Le Corbusier.


My head thrown back, I let my gaze dwell on the ceiling. I underwent the profoundest experience of ecstasy I had ever encountered. I had obtained that supreme degree of sensibility where the divine intimations of art merge with the impassioned sensuality of emotion. — Stendhal


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