Things We Love

Little Factory’s Upper Case Letter Scarf

Little Factory makes typography fun with this cool scarf.  Available in uppercase, lowercase and numbers, these laser-cut micro fiber suede scarves are a graphic designer’s dream.

Soop Rings

Enchanted Forest Set
These hilariously cute ring sets have imaginative names like ‘Enchanted Forest’ and ‘The Wild Bunch’.
Layer the rings to illustrate a scene – guaranteed conversation starters.

Taster Team Placemats & Plates

Taster's Placemat2petekguven
Food Monroe is one of the six kooky characters in the Taster’s Team Series of Placemats and Plates.  Dinner just stopped being boring…

This is not a pipe

this is not a pipe2

If you’re obsessed with art and gaming, then we think you’ll appreciate the humor in this great T-shirt designed by Genee Cosden, available at Threadless.

Felt Greeting Cards

Felt Greeting Cards



Lego Guggenheim