Octopus Typewriter by Courtney Brown

Octopus Typewriter by Courtney Brown

This beast is an old relic recovered from a sunken ship, still hosting its former resident.  Oakland artist Courtney Brown fashioned a octopus typewriter I pray makes it as a backdrop for the next 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake. Brown used a 1938 Underwood typewriter affixed with sculpted bronze tentacles – a beautiful fright right out of your dreams or nightmares.

You choose.

Be sure to check out her great shots of the beast in the making.

Octopus Typewriter by Courtney Brown

Octopus Typewriter by Courtney Brown

Octopus Typewriter sketch_Courtney Brown

Octopus Typewriter by Courtney Brown

pictures courtesy of Courtney Brown’s website

boom-art & UWL Go Culturally Stylish with Limited-Edition Surf & Skateboards


Flowers Triptych Surfboards/ Limited Edition by Jan Davidz de Heen 1606-1684

Leave it up to the French to make surfing and skateboarding a culturally stylish event.  That’s not sarcasm, more like a nod of approval (not that they need it, but I’m giving it).

This special edition line of surf & skateboards from french skateboard company boom-art and European surf giant UWL will never see the water and rightfully so.  The limited editions feature lush and richly colorful works by artistic masters like Jan Davidsz de Heem (1606-1684) and Gustav Klimt (1862-1918).   Each edition is handmade and limited to 10 individually numbered by UWL in France. 

If you were thinking about taking them to a salty death or a vert ramp – each piece comes with a mounting kit – use it, don’t abuse it.

J BOSH 1 SURFBOARD Limited edition 1 Surfboard Bosh The Garden of Earthly Delights 1510

Limited edition 1 Surfboard Bosh The Garden of Earthly Delights 1510



Klimt Surfboards


boomart6 boomart7


Flowers Triptych & Diptych Skateboards Limited Edition by Jan Davidz de Heen 1606-1684


all images courtesy of boom-art

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Kate Shepherd Wrapping Paper

Looking for the perfect way to wrap your Valentine’s Lorenzo Buffa watch? Look no further than Kate Shepherd‘s New York Times inspired, hand-printed wrapping paper. Designed by the New York artist internationally recognized for her use of enamel that produces an elegant, clean aesthetic, each sheet of wrapping paper is one-of-a-kind.

Kate Shepherd Wrapping Paper is available on Artware Editions.







Japanese designer Daigo Fukawa just released his series of furniture called “Rough Sketch Products” as his senior thesis exhibition at Tokyo University of the Arts.  

Made from bent wire and photographed with a perfectly blank background, his contemporary chairs and benches look like they’ve just been transferred directly from his sketchbook to reality.

You could seriously design a room to look like you stepped right into a Cy Twombly painting with these pieces. Talk about living with art… only i’m not sure you won’t wind up with wire indents on your butt.






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It’s a Bowie Retrospective


The man from Mars is 66 today, celebrating with a new single preceding his first cd release in ten years come March. And a video directed by artist, Tony Oursler.  All of this is to coincide with what is sure to be one of the most talked about museum exhibits of 2013.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is building a massive retrospective of Bowie’s career, stitching together his ground breaking costumes, music, photography, set designs, films and more.

The exhibit will run 23 March – 28 July 2013; and the V&A will run curator talks during that time to accompany the exhibit. Never a better reason to head over to Londontown.

*Photograph by Masayoshi Sukita
© Sukita The David Bowie Archive 2012

Design Finds, Part Deux


Ipad-integrated ‘Salsa Table’


The iPad integrated ‘salsa table” consists of four seats located in different directions that are integrated for ipad use. The main idea is to bring people at one platform so that they can share ideas together. Soon to show up at your favorite hipster spot.


Color Co-ordinated Color Pencils


Designed by Felissimo for Social Designer, this limited edition set of 500 colored pencils consists of 20 units, that cannot be bought all at once. It works like a pencil of the month club, you receive them over the course of 20 months. The wall-mounted display cases, made by Orchestra, have been especially designed for the series, allowing the pencils to be displayed as artwork.




This is hot! Playbutton pairs the concept of a great album with the classic button pin for the perfect wearable way to listen to music. The front of the button would feature the artwork of your album cover. Like an iPod Shuffle the device has controls to play, pause, skip, and adjust volume, all powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. The coolest feature for bands looking to distribute and promote their music…the content is pre-loaded and cannot be changed or downloaded – it’s all yours, no one is gonna be uploading some insipid pop single over your masterpiece.




This newly coming Grand Central Station Espresso Bar was designed by New York studio Nemaworkshop to resemble a library turned on its side. The interior has been rotated 90 degrees so that one wall features the pattern wooden flooring while the opposite wall will have pendent lights protruding horizontally. A photograph of bookshelves printed on custom tiles will line the floor, end wall and ceiling. Trippy…

The Bike Shelf


Chris Brigham designed this bike shelf – a beautifully crafted piece of solid wood and suspended it by a solid steel square rod mount. It acts as a multi-purpose shelf. The shelf can be custom made for any size bike and can be crafted in practically any wood of your choosing.


Design Finds

Jacket and Bookmarks




What started out as a design exercise turned into a “must have” product amongst the book and design blog community. And freelance graphic designer, Rogix, couldn’t be happier about it.  Only, they’re still just prototypes. “I made those jackets and bookmarks, showed them to my friends. Then published that project in my blog. And all began. People fell in love with it. So I decided to make limited editions of Jackets & Bookmarks for some popular book titles.” No word yet just when these will become available to the public.  But Rogix does reveal that the dust jackets will available in kits of 10-15 for pocket-book size formats.

Helvetica Cookie Cutters





Are you font obsessed? Because using these cutters made by Beverly Hsu are sure to send you into spastic glee.  Unfortunately she’s still in production stage with these, but until then you can keep drooling over the pictures.

Images: © Beverly Hsu 2009-2010

Pappeltalks by Hubero Kororo



Hubero Kororo explains that experiencing the design of this white CD cover is “like when you are listening to this piece of music for the first time being still untouched by the unique experience … After opening (tearing off the seal), the outer minimalist graphic of the snow-white package is irretrievably disturbed by a stain, which turns to the color of the inner content. Depending on the technique of opening, some patterns arise, which give each piece certain uniqueness.”