Andy Warhol x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Collection (Good Luck Getting a Pair)


The buzz is Converse is dropping an Andy Warhol All Star Collection this January.  There’s going to be a limited edition run of only 200 pairs sold within the US.

I’m excited …for now.  But I know what’s coming, most of these Converses will end up in plexiglass boxes in collector’s houses. The only stores that will actually carry a pair, will be in Manhattan, NY.  I will continue to dream of owning a pair only to be driven to Ebay where the disappointment will continue as the opening bid is a whopping $800.00 dollars or more.

All the other collaborations were just as thrilling; the Lichtenstein, Hirst.  There was even a Nate Lowman collaboration; he had Converses cut from his actual canvas reinterpretations of abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning’s “Marilyn Monroe” (1954). I understood the $2500 price tag for those – I mean, it took 10 hours to construct each pair.


I just prefer the PR around these Converse artist collaborations to be a little more forthcoming. How about:

Converse will launch a new limited-edition series of sneakers, the Chuck Taylor All Star Andy Warhol, featuring a selection of beloved Warhol prints – Good Luck Getting a Pair.

The new Andy Warhol x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Collection kicks are for looking at and sighing; you will never actually wear a pair.

Converse…please just be like the Pop Shop and mass produce wearable art that people actually have a chance at owning.

That is all – my rant is over.



Pop Art your Valentine’s Day

It’s almost that time – Valentine’s that is. Chances are you’re still looking for that special something. Here in Philly it could be tickets for the Love Train which takes you for a ride on our elevated train past the 50 love-themed rooftops murals.

Or, you could pop art your Valentine’s Day with some Robert Indiana inspired swag. Here are some of our favorite gifts inspired by the famous sculpture in Philadelphia’s Love Park. After all, art is a beautiful expression of our inward desires.


The Love Hook Urban Outfitters

love hook




Jazz your macbook up with Love laptop stickers – Hu2


Love Paperweight- Amazon

love paperweight

The Robert Indiana Love Converse Collection

Only way you’re getting your hands on these puppies is to run straight to Ebay.


Love Vintage Letters – Use Vintage Goods

Moderngirlblog got all modern and gothic creating this unique design piece with vintage industrial letters. I’m not saying you have to go all out – but come on…this would earn you serious brownie points.


Love Mirror – Pussy Home Boutique

 love mirror

Love Pillow – Gumps

The iconic LOVE graphic by Robert Indiana, translated in this needlepoint pillow made of soft woolen yarns stitched in red, black and ivory.


Love Cookies – Whipped Bake Shop, Philly PA

 Zoe Lukas, an artist and baker living in Philadelphia, PA makes these made to order Love Cookies. You can contact her through her website, or at her terrific Etsy Shop.

love cookies

Last, but not least…

The iconic LOVE Print – MOMA Gift Shop


Things We Love – 3rd Time Charm


Damien Hirst x Converse (PRODUCT)RED Chuck Taylor All StarDamien-Hirst-x-Converse-PRODUCTRED-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-01

Yes, sometimes Damien Hirst is full of himself. And yes, I think that stepping out in his limited-edition Chuck Taylor high-tops will do nothing to deflate that huge ego. Then again…Damien Hirst doesn’t know I exist. And ten percent of the sale of these Converse’s are slated to be donated to the The Global Fund to Fight Aids.


OriginalFake x Medicom Toy Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket


It’s the first time I’ve wanted Disney memorabilia since I was…well, nevermind the age. At least the signature Kaws’ skull head and crosses won’t make you feel like you just skipped out of the Magic Kingdom.


MP3 Walkman


Pretend like you remember what it was like to own a walkman. Though I know the mock stop, forward, pause, rewind-function will have some of  you remembering having to flip the tape over. Only your old skool walkman didn’t have a SD memory card.

All this talk makes me think of…17057784


Space Invaders Ice Cube Tray


The geek in me wants to invite folk over just to be able to offer them a drink. I mean, come on…they are Space Invaders. ‘nough said.


The Pop-Up Book of Phobias


Nothing like having what scares you the most, pop up in your face. Warning: Macabre pop-ups could induce pants wetting if you’re still making regular psychologist visits.


posted by Ginger Rudolph