Zoe Buckman: Mostly It’s Just Uncomfortable


Mostly It’s Just Uncomfortable is part of Buckman’s response to the attack on Planned Parenthood in the United States, the consequent deprivation of access to free sexual health care for underserved women, as well as the attempted curtailing of a woman’s right to make choices concerning her own body.

Examining the cold and harsh material quality of gynecological instruments, Buckman finds a way of reversing her negative perception of these objects turning them into playful more tactile sculptural entities through the process of Powder Coating. This in-progress series of sculptures examines the physical discomfort women have to endure via these necessary and sometimes life-saving instruments. Also working with boxing iconography, Buckman has cast her own boxing gloves, hand wraps, and mouth guard in glass and metal, further marrying the stereotypically masculine to the feminine, and the fragile to the resilient. This dialogue between polarized materials is typical of Buckman’s work, yet the combat pieces speak to a new and more confrontational discourse in the artist’s process.*




What’s Going On: Buckman is fresh off the latest group exhibitions “Off the Wall – For Freedoms”, at the Monique Meloche Gallery in Chicago, IL.

Next Up: Harlem Postcards Fall/Winter 2016-2017, The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, NY
•SoundScape Park Evening Film Program 2016, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, FL
•PULSE will also present the following works as part of the PROJECTS program: Zoe Buckman’s Champ, 2016, a neon work created in response to the attack on Planned Parenthood in the United States, the consequent deprivation of access to free sexual health care for underserved women, and the attempted curtailing of a woman’s right to make choices concerning her own body.

*statement from artist website


READYMADE: Contemporary Art from Bangladesh


Twelve Gates Arts is hosting the first ever extensive survey of contemporary Bangladeshi art, curated by Aicon Gallery in New York. The exhibition features nine artists collectively exploring the complex and interlocking cultural, political, economic and environmental issues currently facing the often paradoxical and rapidly changing society and state of Bangladesh in the new millennium.

The show features: Kazi Salahuddin Ahmed, Masum Chisty, Khaled Hasan, Imran Hossain Piplu, Promotesh Das Pulak, Dhali Al Mamoon, Yasmin Jahan Nupur, Mohammad Wahiduzzaman & Wakilur Rahman.

On November 19th, Twelve Gates will also host a gallery talk with the shows’ curator’s, Projjal Dutta and Andrew Shea.  The discussion will take a deeper look a the curatorial process, and the trends of contemporary art in Bangladesh and the Indian subcontinent.  Reserve your space here at Twelve Gates Facebook page.


Readymade: Contemporary Art from Bangladesh
October 3 – November 20, 2014
Twelve Gates Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


Paris deflates McCarthy’s ‘so called’ Christmas Tree Installation cause it looks like…

Here’s a fine time to talk about how we view art. How many people see a Christmas tree and how many of you see…well, you know.

Tree Installation

US artist Paul McCarthy drew outrage from some Parisans’ when his 80 ft high installation erected at the famed landmark, Place Vendome was said to ‘vaguely’ resemble a Christmas Tree.

The inflatable green sculpture, Tree was part of FIAC (International Contemporary Art Fair), who gave the artist carte blanche to create a piece for the square as part of it’s ‘Beyond The Walls’ program.  Seems like they may have wanted to preview this one.

Shortly after its erection, came reports of vandals efforts to sabotage the piece by cutting the support cables, and tampering with the fans that allowed it to inflate properly.  The artist even reported being struck in the face by several angry bystanders. By Saturday evening, McCarthy agreed with the decision bring Tree down permanently.

McCarthy talked with French magazine, LeMonde on Friday, admitting that some of the inspiration for the installation was derived from a joke about a sex toy.  “It all started with a joke. Originally, I thought that a butt plug had a shape similar to the sculptures of Constantin Brâncusi. Afterwards, I realized that it looked like a Christmas tree,” McCarthy said.

“People can be offended if they want to think of it as a plug, but for me it is more of an abstraction.” (thanks Google Translator)

McCarthy Tree Sculpture

Lets’s face it…this is McCarthy’s style, less we forget his landing a giant pile of  inflatable poop on the lawn in Hong Kong’s West Kowloon district during the outdoor art project “Mobile M+: Inflation! or his 2011 ‘Santa’ sculpture in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, which held that suspicious looking ‘tree’.

Meanwhile he’s got a new show coming up in Paris, Chocolate Factory, opening on October 25th at the CCC. I’m guessing that’s going to be the site of the next McCarthy controversy.

(AP Photos/Francois Mori,European Press Photo Agency )

story via RTnews, LeMonde, Wall Street Journal



Artist, Alfredo Barsuglias put a pool in the Mojave desert or as I like to call it ‘more land art in the middle of nowhere’…yeah, Prada Marfa I’m talking about you.

Still its art I’d like to see.  Social Pool is eleven-by-five-feet wide geometric pool in the Southern California desert a few hours away from LA. The minimalist art sculpture is open for anybody to use.  Barsuglias has stipulated that only one person or small party at a time can use the pool, for no longer than 24 hours – but neither signs nor paths lead you there.  Once you make reservations to visit, the GPS coordinates of Social Pool as well as the key to open its mobile cover are provided.  There’s also the heads up that visitors should have a willingness “to walk a long distance to reach the pool from the nearest road”… the walk provides “time to reflect on social values, dreams and reality”.

Your future transformative journey to the Social Pool can still happen, it’s visiting season extends through September 30th.  Online Reservations are recommended, and can be made through the MAK Center for Art and Architecture.


Barsuglias Pool Spa

Barsuglias Pool








The 2014 Biennial of Australian Art ended this past Sunday and some spectacular images of the site specific installations have been creeping online. New York based artist, Ian Stranges’ ‘LANDED’ was commissioned for the Biennial and made a huge scene seemingly crash landing right in front of the Art Gallery of South Australia. The foreboding matte black house surrounded by rubble looks like missing scene from ‘The Wizard of OZ’ – only I’m pretty sure it would be the house of Dorothy’s nemesis.

images via Ian Strange’s website.





Conceptual Art Hits The Runway


Conceptual art is hitting the runway with designers dreaming big off of their art history backgrounds like Craig Green. Green’s new mens line features ropes that bind,  sculptural headdresses of wood planks that obscure the models faces forcing anonymity, and playful uses of light and dark conceptions that make his creations seem very much like moving contemporary installations blurring the lines between fashion show and art exhibit.

Craig-Green-2 CraigMAN craig-green central-saint-martins-m-a-2012-fall-winter-collection-by-craig-green-10 craig-green (1)