Shepard Fairey Plays Jaded Art Store Clerk on Portlandia


Screenshot from Portlandia


Yes!  Gigi and Phil are back.

There’s nothing more satisfying then seeing IFC’s Portlandia attach yet more humor to the inner crazy pretense of the art world.

Portlandia co-creators, Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen are reprising their roles as those hyper diligent ambassadors of bad art.  The last time we saw Gigi (Brownstein) & Phil (Armisen), they were running Bad Art Good Walls, a company whose sole purpose was to supply coffee shops with horrible art.

At one point in the sketch, as Phil gets an order ready, Gigi hilariously suggests they check in with their co-worker Sean (guest star Sean Hayes) for options because “he just got back from an art fair”.

This time around, they run an art supply store called Shocking Art Supplies, and it’s got all those anti-corporate art school project trappings – pre-smashed TVs, upside down flags, doll parts, and mannequins.  Famed street artist, Shepard Fairey puts in an appearance as their jaded sales clerk. Fairey can be seen stocking shelves in the background and demonstrating how to intrinsically use mismatched doll parts.  Mockingly good scene comes in at 0:52 as Fairey uses a stencil to spray a “Riot Cop” onto the chest of a mannequin.

Fairey announced the cameo on his Instagram saying, “The part I play, a jaded art store employee, was set in the exact art store where I bought my art supplies while staying in Portland for a stint a few summers ago. I’m no actor, but this part, along with maybe “jaded art student” or “jaded skate shop employee,” are the closest I’ll ever get to method acting.”

The episode airs on IFC Thursday 1/29 at 10pm.

Bad Art Good Walls