Os Gêmeos Design Brazil’s Airplane for the World Cup


Brothers and graffiti artists Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, aka Os Gêmeos, are helping the World Cup host country, Brazil celebrate in style. The duo painted the exterior of Brazil’s national team’s airplane. It took one week and 1,200 spray paint cans to complete the portraits along the surface of the aircraft’s body. Os Gêmeos explains […]

Eduardo Kobra Brings Rodin’s The Thinker to São Paulo


Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra’s brings Rodin into Brazil with a mural based the sculpture, ‘The Thinker’.

Aspects of Urban Life

Afro Devil's Mattress

Inspired by “aspects of his urban life…all the ugly and sketchy stuff you can find in a Rio…Stuff like having a hot dog and a good chat with old hookers in Copacaba, funny kids on the streets making fun of rich people. Drunk people. Bar life. This kind of stuff you can only find in the night of big cities.” -Cadu

Sexual Colors – Inside the mind of Gabriel Wickbold

Gabriel Wickbold

26 year old, Brazilian Photographer, Gabriel Wickbold seduces viewers with his sensually wicked photographs that capture his models in a explosion of energy and color.
**This interview contains beautiful pictures that display nudity and sensuality**


My head thrown back, I let my gaze dwell on the ceiling. I underwent the profoundest experience of ecstasy I had ever encountered. I had obtained that supreme degree of sensibility where the divine intimations of art merge with the impassioned sensuality of emotion. — Stendhal


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