Ai Wei Wei Transforms Alcatraz Hospital Ward Fixtures with Porcelain Blossoms


Now through April 26, 2015, the infamous fortress and prison, Alcatraz will house new perspectives the stories of those that were imprisoned within its walls. Contemporary artist and social activist, Ai Wei Wei’s exhibition @Large was created especially for the location, the work features seven different art installs that raise questions and hopefully create more awareness on social injustice, human rights and freedom of expression.

We’re giving you a peek into the quietly powerful install “Blossom”. Blossom is meant to draw on and alter its natural imagery to carry out symbolic associations. Detailed porcelain flowers come forth and fill up the sinks, bathtubs and toilets in Alcatraz’s abandoned hospital wards and medical wing. Plain white blossoms possibly for the get well bouquets that never came, to comfort the memory of the inmates that once were here.

There’s been a widely circulated quote from Wei Wei on the message of @Large …

“The misconception of totalitarianism is that freedom can be imprisoned. This is not the case. When you constrain freedom, freedom will take flight and land on a windowsill.”

Make your own assessments but I think that pretty much wraps it up.

@Large will be open through April 26, 2015

For more information on visiting the exhibit, visit For Site Foundation

(via Colossal)