Design Finds

Jacket and Bookmarks



What started out as a design exercise turned into a “must have” product amongst the book and design blog community. And freelance graphic designer, Rogix, couldn’t be happier about it.  Only, they’re still just prototypes. “I made those jackets and bookmarks, showed them to my friends. Then published that project in my blog. And all began. People fell in love with it. So I decided to make limited editions of Jackets & Bookmarks for some popular book titles.” No word yet just when these will become available to the public.  But Rogix does reveal that the dust jackets will available in kits of 10-15 for pocket-book size formats.

Helvetica Cookie Cutters




Are you font obsessed? Because using these cutters made by Beverly Hsu are sure to send you into spastic glee.  Unfortunately she’s still in production stage with these, but until then you can keep drooling over the pictures.

Images: © Beverly Hsu 2009-2010

Pappeltalks by Hubero Kororo


Hubero Kororo explains that experiencing the design of this white CD cover is “like when you are listening to this piece of music for the first time being still untouched by the unique experience … After opening (tearing off the seal), the outer minimalist graphic of the snow-white package is irretrievably disturbed by a stain, which turns to the color of the inner content. Depending on the technique of opening, some patterns arise, which give each piece certain uniqueness.”