Haunting Double Exposure Portraits Give A Delicious Slip Out of Reality


Some of the best mistakes in photography are double exposures…or so I think. It’s like being caught in a parallel universe…stuck somewhere in between the places you’ve been and the places you dream about. As if you could be grounded one second and take flight the next.

Enter the haunting layering of untold stories seen through London-based photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten‘s double exposure portraits. Fullerton-Batten is known for using cinematic lighting, and beautiful backgrounds to frame her subjects in a aura of intimacy and grace.  These double exposure prints are from Batten’s personal collection… in her bio “She insinuates visual tensions in her fine-art images, and imbues them with a hint of mystery, that combine to tease the viewer to re-examine the picture continuously, each time seeing more content and finding a deeper meaning with every viewing.”

These photographs are no exception.

Julia Fullerton-Batten Website

JuliaFullertonBattendouble exposure portraits1

JuliaFullertonBattendouble exposure portraits2

JuliaFullertonBattendouble exposure portraits3

JuliaFullertonBattendouble exposure portraits4

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Chicago Artist Fills Potholes With Amazing Mosaics


I think its apparent that Chicago based artist, Jim Bachor got tired of his city’s pothole problem. These beautiful flower adorned mosaics are more than just a axle saver – it’s some serious street art that I hope catches on in other cities (preferably my own …Philly potholes are murderous and plentiful).

The mosaics were put in this fall; Bachor has a handy list of addresses up on his website – go discover if any of the mosaics survived the crush of the tire.

If you’re in the windy city, Bachor is exhibiting his free standing mosaics at the Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago, November 9 to December 13, 2014.

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Os Gêmeos Design Brazil’s Airplane for the World Cup


Brothers and graffiti artists Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, aka Os Gêmeos, are helping the World Cup host country, Brazil celebrate in style. The duo painted the exterior of Brazil’s national team’s airplane.

It took one week and 1,200 spray paint cans to complete the portraits along the surface of the aircraft’s body.

Os Gêmeos explains that it’s “an airplane transformed into a work of art to transport the Brazilian people and the Brazilian national soccer team, placing art in people’s lives and taking our characters to the clouds.”

The project was completed in collaboration with Gol/9ine, who will continue to use the Boeing 737 for two years once the World Cup is over.

Os Gemeos on the web.








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What I love about Escif’s work is it’s ability to deal with weighty issues in a often non confronting way. Escif’s has a particular way with illustrative forms of storytelling, translating an evolving understanding of global thoughts/politics onto a wall .

This new Escif illustration “Batalla Campal” translates as ‘Royal Battle’ – it plays like an urban toile – moving in for the closer inspection you’ll find hidden in the repeating decoration the crux of the message.






I bet a lot of these Andy Warhol Bugaboo strollers will start cropping up in the parks this summer – where the cool babies meet for even cooler play dates.

It’s not the first artist inspired baby accessory Bugaboo has put out, but the 1966 Velvet Underground album cover design is their latest collaboration with the Andy Warhol foundation and slickest one yet.

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Artist Completely Wraps Rooms with Famous Paintings

Basquiat Classroom
Chuck Close Bathroom

Chuck Close Bathroom

Keith Haring Theatre

Keith Haring Theatre

Lichtenstein Moe’s Tavern

Lichtenstein Moe’s Tavern

I immediately assumed these photos were part of a press release for new art hotel rooms – turns out they’re the digital creations of artist Jon Rafman. You might know of Rafman by way of his popular digital series 9-Eyes where he exhibited these found images from Google Street View. This new on-going project where he takes modernist paintings and completely wraps rooms with them is called Brand New Paint Job.

Some rooms are a bit heavy on the eyes, which is putting it mildly really – most of these head to toe room makeovers take a bit of an adjustment for your eyes. That may have something to do with them being 3D models taken from the Google 3D Warehouse, an online gallery that allows users of Google Sketchup to upload to and share their works. The bigger statement here may be its questioning of the over commercialization of art.

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De Kooning Hallway

De Kooning Hallway

Auerbach Train

Auerbach Train

Monet USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) Bridge

Monet USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) Bridge

Duchamp Seinfeld Set

Duchamp Seinfeld Set


Matisse Baby Room

Matisse Baby Room

Rosenquist Jeopardy

Rosenquist Jeopardy

Monet Master Bedroom

Monet Master Bedroom


In Alabama it is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at all times.
In Tennessee hollow logs may not be sold.

In Tennessee hollow logs may not be sold.

Strange laws still on statute books make for interesting subject matter when it comes to this ongoing photo series ‘I Fought the Law’ by Olivia Locher.  Locher cleverly parodies the bizarre nature of these unusual US state laws with scenes that prey upon the prohibited acts.

Who knew it was illegal to back pocket ice cream in Alabama?

She says: “Using early pop art as inspiration, I intend to defy rules and regulations across all the remaining US states.”

Way to go rebel! Maybe I’ll start putting my Good Humor bars in my back pocket once I’m over the Mason Dixon line too.


In California Nobody is allowed to ride a bicycle in a swimming pool.


In Utah no one may walk down the street carrying a paper bag containing a violin.


In Rhode Island it is illegal to wear transparent clothing.


In Arizona you may not have more than two dildos in a house.

In Arizona you may not have more than two dildos in a house.


In Delaware it’s illegal to wear pants that are “form-fitting”around the waist.

In Delaware it’s illegal to wear pants that are “form-fitting”around the waist.


In Wisconsin it is illegal to serve apple pie in public restaurants without cheese.

In Wisconsin it is illegal to serve apple pie in public restaurants without cheese.


In Texas it is illegal for children to have unusual haircuts.

In Texas it is illegal for children to have unusual haircuts.


In Alabama it is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at all times.

In Alabama it is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at all times.

In Hawaii coins are not allowed to be placed in ones ears.

In Hawaii coins are not allowed to be placed in ones ears.


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All images © Olivia Locher





Six years ago, Vancouver based artist Fiona Tang  began focusing on a career in ceramics when she discovered she was allergic to the glazes and clay, so, she moved onto painting and drawing. Apparently, switching mediums didn’t hurt, now she’s showcasing these amazing trompe l’oeil* style charcoal and chalk pastel life-sized animals that are seemingly popping out of walls in mid action. For her art is a means “to connect and understand the world around me, also to express and invited the outside world into mine, to see the world through my eyes, through my emotions, my marks, my energy.”

Seen above is Shark vs Humpback Whale (March 2014), and below is The Guardian (2014).

* trompe l’oeil –  drawing realistic imagery that makes 2D objects appear 3D.

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Brian Steinhoff’s attempts at lessening the shock with a skin trade of floral patterns doesn’t make me blush any less. Matter of fact, I debated whether or not to add NSFW to this post. But my eyes were quick to replace grandma’s bad wallpaper for skins tones and fleshy parts.

Steinhoff’s creative form of discussing the “banality of censorship” makes me think of those late nights trying to bring in films I ought not – trying to make out bodies through the fuzz and static. What I couldn’t see was quickly replaced by my wild adolescent imagination. With form and shape still intact does Steinhoff’s series really hide anything? Or does it represent the things/images we inevitably can’t control?

*See more images from the series Porn for the Whole Family here.






‘Performance Art’ has become this all encompassing term for what fits the fancy these days.

For French artist Abraham Poincheval that meant spending two weeks living inside a hollowed-out sculpture that he covered with the skin of a bear. Yeah, that’s right, I’m not saying that he lived in the carcass of a bear for nearly two weeks – cause that just sounds bad ass and crazy doesn’t it? When in fact – it was a hollowed out sculpture of a bear that he reclined in with limited supplies of food and water. His unusual living arrangement even came equipped with a makeshift unit for umm…relieving oneself.  Doesn’t sound so bad ass now, does it? Although it’s probably started to sound a tad crazy.

Poincheval’s performance took place from April 1 – April 13th inside the Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris.  The symbolic hibernation started with Poincheval’s quest for understanding his animal nature and physical limits. The performance was broadcast 24 hours a day through a live web feed.  I’m going to speculate and say nothing spectacular happened.

Ah, to each his own.








 pics via ignant.blog & Poincheval’s Facebook



red2 …it could only be artist Hong Yi (Red) – the master of creating artistic wonders out of ordinary objects. In the past we’ve seen her craft portraits from coffee stainsrolled up socks and food to name a few. This time she’s fashioned world-renowned actor Jackie Chan out of disposable chopsticks – 64, 000 of them. Jackie turned 60 this year on April 6th, 2014 and Red presented him with this portrait at his birthday celebration. She spent a month collecting chopsticks from cafes, stalls and factories in Zhejiang and Beijing, then tying each of them up to create the portrait that took an entire month to finish. For more #redhongyi art: FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE / TWITTER   red3 red4 red5 red7 red8 red9 red10 red12 red15 red13 red11 red17 red18   *pics & video stills from Hong Yi (Red) site.