James Franco’s weird new performance art video, entitled “James Franco reimagined the Della Robbia,” is a  four-minute goo-drenched ode to renaissance sculpture, where people posed as sculptures, are doused in dripping clear gloss. 

Franco released the video in response to Italian Renaissance ceramics as a part of Sotheby’s Artist Response series for their show, Glazed: The Legacy of the Della Robbia.  For it, Franco reimagined the works of famous Italian Renaissance artist family, the Della Robbia, to create living icons.

Franco said: “For centuries, sculpture has been used decoratively and as iconography. The Della Robbia family created sculptures that take on both of those roles.”

“I was immediately struck by the vibrancy and shine of the glaze of the Della Robbia sculptures in this show, especially the human forms frozen in time as icons. To mimic and modernise these sculptures, I wanted to create living icons emphasising the glazing process,” he added. “I filmed them in slow motion so the viewer relishes in the passage of time and can imagine the tangible feeling of the liquid covering each living sculpture.

The show is on view at Sotheby’s New York through November 18th.


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Wangechi Mutu + Santigold Collaborate in Art Video

Artist, Wangechi Mutu and music’s art-child Santigold collab on this 8 min art video, The End of Eating Everything – it’s part of Mutu’s current exhibit A Fantastic Journey being shown at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University until July 21st, 2013.

The animated video features Santigold as half cyborg existing in her own ecosystem with a electro-industrial score by Mutu that creates a haunting vibe to echo the artists intent.

Wangechi Mutu + Santigold Collaborate in Art Video

In Mutu’s own words, “The End of Eating Everything is a visual conversation about our consumption…it speaks to our empty artistic environment, when art is supposed to be something that keeps renewing us culturally.”

The End of Eating Everything was co-released by both Nasher & MOCA TV.

IMAGE CREDIT: LifeandTimes; Wangechi Mutu, The End of Eating Everything (still), 2013.

HAHA MAG Presents: Dutch Umbrella Episode 1

HAHA Magazine asked Philly’s Dutch Umbrella Share Program if they would turn over some of their classic white umbrellas to local artists and have them use the umbrellas as a blank canvas. The results of which have been chronicled through The Dutch Umbrella Episodes.

In our first episode we meet Philadelphia Artist, Yis Goodwin, otherwise known as ‘NoseGo’. His style mixes fine art with contemporary. His vibrant use of color and signature “monsters” have earned him spots in shows across the city.

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