“Extended Long Play” by Jolie Bird

“Extended Long Play” by Jolie Bird_exhibit

We’re crushing on this golden knit installation, Extended Long Play, from artist Jolie Bird.  These are the times we wish there was an art space in the office – we’d certainly put exhibitions like this on display.  It’s a pipe dream right now.  Until that day arrives we’ll give you the insights behind this design aesthetic from Bird herself…

“The exhibition, Extended Long Play, explores the idea of displacement through the use of everyday objects. Together they represent a collection of modern and stylized home decor objects. Although they do not belong to the same time, they are connected through their function and their design aesthetic, presenting a section of a room where someone sits alone listening to music. The objects are common, and found in many homes, making them easily identifiable … The pattern references a four-harness basket weave used to weave cloth, and resembles a soft floor covering commonly found in this part of the home. However in this context they appear cold or sterile, referring to the site for the installation, specifically the presentation of objects within a gallery setting. By presenting the objects in this way they are further removed from the ordinary and are now presented as artifacts for aesthetic contemplation. The white and grey tiles act as a negative space against the intensity of the gold thread. This remarkable colour highlights the transformation from mundane to precious; the objects appear to be dipped gold.

“Extended Long Play” by Jolie Bird_turntable1 “Extended Long Play” by Jolie Bird_turntable

I started this process in 2007, since then I have obsessively refined and perfected this skill. Now that I have dedicated literally thousands of hours to the task I think about it in a much different way. Some aspects have become like second nature, my hands instinctually know what to do next. I tend to focus on ways of enhancing my sensorial experience. I play loud music on my headphones, more often than not I listen to heavy, droning metal. Music that is repetitive and has a certain rhythm can amplify the repetitive motion of applying the thread. In doing so I slip further into my own thoughts, feeling far removed from my physical reality. Fibre, through its very nature, communicates time; like many other textile techniques, this binding process requires patience and longevity even though it is a relatively simple task, with the making process inherently connected to its meaning.” 

“Extended Long Play” by Jolie Bird _vinyl “Extended Long Play” by Jolie Bird

*all photos and words property of Jolie Bird