Chase Me: The entirely 3D printed animated short


From the characters to the set, all elements from Filmmaker Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud’s Animated film, Chase Me were printed using a 3d printer. Deschaud spent two years 3D printing 2,500 parts using the Formlabs’ Form 1+ SLA 3D Printer.

Chase Me combines the magic of film with the wonder of 3D printing, every detail forming a beautiful representation of a magical world. This short film follows a ukelele-playing girl who is chased through a dark forest by the monster that emerges from her own shadow.

This creative stop animation project first began as a CG-animated storyboard, which was then 3D printed — frame by frame. Each second of the film is made up of 15 frames. 3D printing brings to animation, especially stop-motion, the freedom to edit on the computer, before committing to the time intensive process of frame by frame animation.



Check out this video preview of Chase Me:

via Mold3d