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Ideal Boy




As soon as I read the chain on the boys neck I was hooked (it reads YOLO btw).

A LITTLE BACKGROUND: We have Dick & Jane here in America to look up to during our tender adolescence – they gave direction on everything from our grammar to beautiful table manners.

In India there’s IDEAL BOY – also a colorful, well drawn guide to morality and correct social behavior.

If you’re still familiar with that sort of cartoonesque push to perfect way- some kids, then Trivedi’s illustrations will make you smile unless you grew up living a radical life – then I guess all this is a snooze for you.

But if you’re currently ‘still’ trying to break free of those cultural morals, then this popular ‘Ideal Boy’ series remix is hysterical.

Or at least it is to me…and the rest of the goody too shoes.

*Found on my now favorite South Asian Art blog, Masala Chai.