Phrequency artist stickers: Hilary White


Hilary’s work is a cut above the rest with mediums ranging from digital graphics, paint and canvas, to all out stunning sculptures. If you have yet to see her work in person, do yourself a favor and go to her next show. You’ll be taken a back to say the least. Check out the sticker she designed for us and read through our interview.


Phrequency: When did art introduce itself into your life?

Hilary: Art never really introduced itself, it just kind of barged in and started sleeping on my couch and eating my food. I never thought about doing anything else. People would ask me at a young age what do you want to do when you’re older? “Be an artist” was always one of my top answers but was often followed up with a veterinarian, a fireman, as well as working for Disney World on some level.

P: What do you think of the current art scene in Philadelphia?

H: The art scene here continues to impress me. There is no end of talented people working in all sorts of mediums and styles. The variety and accessibility to the arts in this city is encouraging. It used to be old city was were all the “happening” venues for art were located, but that is no longer the case. The art scene is not limited to one section of the city anymore. A lot of artists have created their own galleries for visual and audio art in their own neighborhoods. This has created a lot of opportunity and exposure for a younger generation of creative people. It is not stagnant and I think that is what really matters… it’s continuing to grow.

P: What/who are some major influences in your work? What kind of mediums do you use?

H: My work is built around the symbolism and imagery from Biblical text and my faith in Christ. The love that God confronts me with and the wrestling match that ensues with my own pride and weakness. The result is hope. I build my imagery off of these moments. The darkness in the imagery is there but I try to integrate a sense light, and renewal as well.

I work mostly in oil and acrylic paint, along with wood, plastics, and vinyl. Sometimes motors…


Posted by Gabrielle Bonghi