Photographer Seemingly Preserves His Subjects in Honey


Blake Little photographs his subjects (ranging in age from 2 – 85 years) covered in gallons of honey – dripping and shining – caught in encapsulating moments of movement and stillness. The shots have the appearance of excavation photos; humans encased in amber suspended in time, evoking a preservation of humanity.

“Preservation began through a process of experimenting with honey. Initially, I started shooting the way it pours and drips on just the face or specific areas of the body. After several sessions, it became clear that completely covering the figure as much as possible and with varying thicknesses created a quality that I had never seen before. The honey has a way of diffusing the personal qualities of the subjects, often making them unrecognizable and democratizing their individual traits into something altogether different and universal.” [Source]

Blake Little’s exhibition Preservation opens at the Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles on March 7th and runs through April 18th.

2766 S. La Cienega Blvd.
The Preservation Book will also be available at









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