Photo Essay – Pec


The best way to explain this part of my work is to tell you how I took the photographs.

In 2007, I was studying sociology at Nanterre University, near Paris. It took me an hour and a half each day to get there via bus and train.

I chose a seat that I sat in every day, in the last car, near the heater and next to a window, in the middle. It was quite comfy. So every morning, instead of reading books or learning lessons, I looked out the windows or at the people sitting in front of me.

I spent a lot of time looking at this world, a quite peaceful world, where people traveled quietly from suburbs to Paris. The only times people talked to each other was when the train ran late.

I was at my seat, quiet like the others, listening to music, lost in the constantly changing landscape. Time to time I thought about taking pictures of this underworld life, trying to guess which way was the best to show it as I was looking at, as I was living it. I figured it out and started to grab my camera and photograph it as I was seeing it.

Transportation was at that time some sort of obsession; I was always thinking about time and the train.
Thinking back to these pictures, I believe they are quite successful. I’ve had success showing this world as I saw it, as another world.